Brazilian Challenge Day 36: Parque Regional da Crianca e Liberdade

I get double points for being Brazilian today! First, we went to a lovely birthday picnic (reminiscent of my home continent) in Parque Regional da Crianca in Santo Andre.

This is a park that is great for the day. It’s got excellent shaded spots for picnic, plenty of playground activity, including a maze and a lake or two.

Today, there were also kiosks selling snack, drinks and tapioca! Plus, an adorable train takes the kids around the park for a spectacular adventure.

What reminded me that I was both in an older park and in a third world country were the “death slides” that live in this location. This one is my favorite:

Yep, one false move and that would definitely put a kid in a coma.

The park is about thirty minutes outside of Sao Paulo proper, but it is worth the trip for all the fun and you’re not dodging bicycles or elbowing for space like you do at Ibirapuera on a Sunday afternoon.

After the picnic party, it was off to lunch in Liberdade, Sao Paulo’s famous Japanese neighborhood.

The location is filled with asian groceries and restaurants. On Sundays, the main strip is crowded with visitors and there is a street market selling everything from shrimp tempura pizzas to beads to bonsai trees.

We ate at a little sushi place just off the main drag, one that was excellent but a bit more pricey than I expected for the neighborhood.

It was an especially Sao Paulo day! We skipped the idea of trying out another bloco (see Brazilian Challenge Day 35: Bloco Attempt #1). Maybe next weekend.

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17 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 36: Parque Regional da Crianca e Liberdade

  1. Oh, Liberdade! I wanna go there….I wish we had something like that out here!

  2. Clara says:

    For the record, Brazil is not considered third world country for quite some time now. Check it out 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    It looks like there is still a quite of an asian population in Liberdade! Wow! For some reason I had thought that most of the Asians had dispersed into the general population. It could be that the new chinese immigrants are flowing in too…

    But that death slide looks fun, just not for kids under the age of 10.

  4. I have also heard, as Alex has, that Liberdade is a hub for recent Chinese immigrant arrivals. It also hosts the Japanese old timers that just don’t want to move anywhere else, even if they can afford it.

    Those slides are part of the training course used by the Brazilian Space Program: under 10 division. How do you expect those kids to exit ship and decend to lunar surface without the required drills? Don’t be so quick to judge Bee-a-bee.

  5. Anna says:

    I have never seen that “death slide” before!! I wanna go there 🙂
    i liked the turtle slide and the maze too!!

  6. Feel like sushi for lunch today!

    • Yum! I could eat it every day.

      • I could, too! I often seriously contemplate reworking my budget to allow me to buy great sushi for dinner 5 days a week; I figure it is fairly healthy (cream cheese stuffed ones not included!) and not too heavy for dining late (trying to keep the weight off :p). However, I somehow always talk myself out of it…it would be an expensive habit!

        • I know. I’ve dreamed of the same. Here you can get fresh salmon and tuna – if the day is not too warm – at the feira. So we usually have sashimi on Thursday night, but now that it’s getting hot here, I don’t trust the fish so much.

  7. Sarah says:

    So, observing the kids on the “death slide,” I learned the proper technique. You flatten a 2 litre pop/soda/refrigerante bottle and sit on it, decreasing friction and thus reaching spaceship speed after about 2 seconds. The risk in this, in addition to falling off and ending up in a coma, is being hit from behind at high speed by an excited kid who didn’t wait until the kid in front of him/her got off the slide. All the parents – Brazilian or not – who were watching found the whole experience slightly stressful, but of course, the kids loved it!

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