Brazilian Challenge Day 27: Powerless

Yesterday, I was going to watch Jornal Nacional as my Brazilian task for the day (yes, I’ve lived here for over a year and a half and no, I haven’t seen it yet). But just before the program began, we lost power and got it back only 12 hours later (this morning), rendering me powerless to not only watch the show, but write my post.

So my Brazilian experience for day 27 was that of Sao Paulo’s antiquated power grid – a blecaute (blackout). Most power outages in Brazil are caused by cars slamming into tower as the result of an accident. But here, the systems are underground.  Over the course of yesterday evening, there were five loud explosions. Explosion so loud that one might think the neighborhood had become a war zone. The first caused us to lose power for just a few moments. The second knocked us flat. The next three brought a moment of power back each time, but most likely as the power from the grid rushed to the next available transformer, the archaic system blew up.

Of course, we’ve experienced blackouts before in the U.S. But not with such dramatic sound effects. Explosions seem to happen at a frightening frequency in this neighborhood, at least once a week someone within earshot of our apartment is powerless.

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6 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 27: Powerless

  1. Uhhhh….knocked you flat as in you fell down from the force of the explosion? Holy Hamburger Helper!

  2. Brasilicana says:

    In three years in Salvador, I’ve only experienced two blackouts.

    Falta de agua, on the other hand… don’t get me started! Even when the water works, it’s lazy. Meaning the shower starts to run, then stops after about 2 seconds, and only starts again if you fiddle with the faucet. Our water frequently cuts out for 5-10 minutes at a time, totally randomly. It’s livable, but just extremely annoying 😦

  3. Ray says:

    We get power outages all the time in Rhode Island and I almost had a heart attack when it happened in the middle of a Soccer World Cup match, when Brazil was playing!!! I had to run to Walmart and buy a battery power portable TV to watch what was left of the game 😦
    Our power grid is super antiquated too, about 150 years old, from the time they used Whale Oil in the Oil Powered Electricity Generators…
    Don’t get me started on the need to upgrade our infrascture…It looks like Sao Paulo’s growth is outpacing it’s infrastrutucre updates. Blackouts were absolutely rare in my Brazil days… 😦


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