Seu Boteco

As I might have mentioned, I’m not (yet) so enamored with the dining options in Sao Paulo. But we came across this great boteco in Vila Madalena, Seu Boteco, that is worth trying out.

The large glass windows and doors of this small establishment gives it a cozy yet open air feeling. The decor is whimsical and the menu is full of Brazilian classics.

We stuck with some bar food basics – bolinho de bacalhau, bolinho de tapioca com queijo, caldinho de feijao, creme de palmetto and cerveja Original.

I’ve had my share of cod balls, but Seu Boteco’s bolinho de bacalhau was fabulous! We balked at the price, R$10 for a single portion, but it was big enough for two to share and well worth the money. The soups were also great, I was partial to the creme of palm heart. The only item we didn’t truly enjoy was the tapioca and cheese balls.

Though we didn’t order full meals, we did see some delicious options being passed around. The menu includes Rio classics, like Filé do Seu Oswald and traditional Sao Paulo sandwiches such as  Pernil do Seu Boteco. For drinks, the bar offers a wide selection of Brahma beers and of course, wine and cocktails.

Midway through our meals there was some live entertainment – a guitarist playing Brazilian reggae, and he took requests!

Highly recommend Seu Boteco for chilling out on a Saturday afternoon.

For another favorite in Vila Madalena, see Feijoada da Lana. I’m seriously considering moving to this neighborhood!

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14 Responses to Seu Boteco

  1. Anna says:

    I read this blog about food which is nice. She currently lives in sp and reviews places she goes toão%20Paulo-Restaurantes
    Maybe you will like something she posted 🙂

  2. Jana says:

    Ah I love Seu Boteco, I go there a lot! Also thanks Anna, this is a great blog!!

  3. Brasilicana says:

    Is that a real picture of the bolinhos de bacalhau? Looks delicious!

  4. eastcoastmom says:

    Hi, used to live in SP, but that was ten years ago now, so I guess a lot have changed. Have been back twice to visit though. Vila Madalena is very charming!

  5. fivereflections says:

    looks delicious

    David in Maine USA

  6. “But we came across this great boteco in Vila Madalena, Seu Boteco, that is worth trying out.”

    Yes, but let’s use a true litmus test: would Val go there? Hellooo!!

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