Brazilian Challenge Day 26: The Play Date

Today a little Brazilian girl from Sophia’s school came to play. I had planned a number of activities – painting, princess costumes, making dolls’ hair pretty. But shortly after the mother left, I realized it wasn’t going to go as well as I planned. Because I was around, my daughter was on auto-English, despite my reminding her to speak Portuguese. My Portuguese is still terribly, especially when I’m trying to understand little ones. I was starting to fear that the little girl was going to be afraid because it was a bit difficult to communicate clearly. So I did something very Brazilian – I bribed my empregada to stay later and play with the girls (I didn’t really need to bribe her, she loves to play and is great at it). This worked out much better because Sophia was not only forced to speak Portuguese, but wasn’t in a position where she could make constant demands of me. Although she still managed to hunt me down in the office and make a few, but I could send her straight back to playing.

Ok, this was more of an accidental Brazilianism than an intentional one, but I’m logging it. Just for more credit, I was less American as I did not put out a big spread for the kids. Just some caldo de cana and popcorn.

For more on my playdate experiences in Brazil, see The Play Date, Update: The Playdate and I’m the Big, Fat, Dumb American.

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4 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 26: The Play Date

  1. Anna says:

    have you heard of this place? at Shopping Iguatemi SP.
    its similar to that place you left your daughter in rio…its divided by ages and seems cool. you should try it for another brazilian challenge day 🙂

    • Yes! Its’ great. I took her there last week. It was part of my Amiga Brasileira post, but I didn’t name the place. Although, I was surprised, it was a bit expensive, but you know… Sao Paulo these days.

  2. scrubgrub says:

    Glad to see you have someone that seems to love her job and your daughter.

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