21 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 23: Podólogo

  1. OMG. I never had blood when I went there. Yikes! Are your feet clean of black soot? I didn’t get rid of that until we moved to Tampa.

  2. Peg says:

    “Splattering blood”?! Ack! Now I’m too scared to try it!
    I used to be a manicurist and did nails & pedicures for a living, and I promise I have never splattered anybody’s blood. I think I’ll stick with doing my own pedicures now.
    Glad to know your feet feel so good though. :0)

    • Thanks! But don’t be scared off! It really wasn’t that painful, there was something in toe – and she asked me first before she began to dig around (ugh, I’m grossing myself out). Something you should try at least once!

  3. Danielle says:

    This sounds amazing! I didn’t know this service was available. I have problems with my nails becoming ingrown very easily, and pedicurists are good here but never do enough (because it’s not their job, duh). Bring on the pain! I’m going to look into this.

  4. Elizabeth Hayes says:

    If it’s one of the things I miss most about SP is Dr. Feet and the complete podologo treatment. One visit and I was hooked. It was also one of the only ways to get rid of the black soot on the bottom of my feet. I highly recommend Fran at the Dr. Feet in that random mall on Avenida Paulista. She took care of my ingrowns painlessly.

  5. Jana says:

    Oh how cool, I am going to have to check this out, where was this place? And then switching subjects, can we just talk about tonights M.R? Its my first one so now that I know the characters I am going to back through all your posts… Val… omg she is toooo much! What is with her “hello’s” all the time.. driving me nuts!

    • The one I went to was in a little mall on the corner of Oscar Freire and Augusta. But Liz mentioned on Paulista. I bet they are everyone. They don’t seem to have a website, but here is the number (11) 3063-0830.
      So I didn’t watch last night, going to try and watch this morning on youtube. How was it?? Val is a lunatic. I read a cover story over the weekend in Contigo about Narcisa. She was talking about what an unrefined idiot Val is.

      • Jana says:

        Ha I believe it, she is nuts and totally thinks shes a superstar. You’ll see in their little trip to B.A as she sings Evita and thinks shes the Brazilian version of Evita for a second.. “tranny” is perfect, whats her backstory? how does she have so much money? I am going to google her.. what a show! Thanks for the rec Ill check out this foot doc!

        • From what I know, she had an affair with the “chicken king” of Brazil, who is a bazillionaire, and had twins with him. She’s apparently not with him any longer – she wasn’t married to him, although she keeps referring to him as her husband, and from what I have picked up, there is no mention of the twins! A lot of these women (in general) get their money from marrying rich guys. Narcisa’s family had money, but she “married” and had kids with a couple very wealth men. Brazil law is very good to separated mothers.

  6. OK – here’s a dilemma. Now, one of my toe’s is infected. My understanding is that if you have an infected toe, you go to the Podólogo, but she is the one who infected my toe. hmmm

    • Anna says:

      you should tell her about your infection. I am sure she will do something about it. In last case you should go to the doctor.

      Brunete, Lydia e Narcisa from mulheres ricas come from wealthy families.
      Debora was poor and got money from playboy and marrying a rich guy. Val apparently got her money because she had twins with that billionaire but she also worked as a model and had a company with her brother. http://www.band.com.br/mulheresricas/elas.asp?id=5124

      Brunete , Lydia and Debora work everyday.
      Narcisa is a writer and does a lot of charity. Val does nothing besides drinking and shopping allegedly.

  7. workmomad says:

    But did you ever get a foot massage? The important things first!


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