Brazilian Challenge Day 21: Caipirinhas!

Here is an effort toward my Brazilian goal that everyone can benefit from – I made caipirinhas!

First, a traditional recipe as dictated to me by my Brazilian husband:

1 lime – cut into quarters. Be sure to slice off the white centers, it adds a bit of unnecessary bitterness.

1 Tbsp sugar (or sweetner or stevia to taste).

Crush the lime and sugar into the glass until completely juiced.

1 double shot cachaça

1 double shot water

Mix everything together and add ice.

Uma caipirinha excelente!!

Then I decided to make something even more interesting:

1/2 lemon, slice off the white center and dig out as many seeds as you can.

1/2 inch slice of pineapple.

Cut off rind and into cubes.

3 leaves of mint, torn into pieces

1 Tbsp sugar (or substitutes)

Crush the lemon with sugar first, then add the pineapple and mint and crush.

1 double shot of cachaça

1 double shot of water

Mix and add ice. A bit more labor intensive, but definitely worth it.  Yummy!

And finally, a very simple, but very different version of this classic Brazilian cocktail:

1/4 large cucumber, cut into cubes

1 Tbsp sugar

Crush (as much as possible) the cucumber and sugar in glass. (Add a little mint if you like!)

1 double shot of cachaça

1 double shot of water

Mix and add ice. Delicioso!!

FYI – you can always switch out the cachaça for vodka (caipivodka) or sake (caipisaquê – 2 double shots sake, no water) or even rum (caipiríssima).

Ok… now I need a nap…

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7 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 21: Caipirinhas!

  1. Brasilicana says:

    Nice!!! Love the pictures, and the fact that you made the caipirinhas rather than just drinking one in a restaurant. I love pineapple caipirinhas, but have never tried them with the lemon and mint. Maracuja – passion fruit – is also delicious.

  2. Alex says:

    The pictures are a feast for the eyes! I like all the green and yellow components, no wonder it’s the national drink of Brasil!


  3. Gorgeous photos! For obvious reasons I never tried one in Brazil…going to make me one soon though.

  4. Meredith says:

    MMMM, delicious. I love caipirinhas…The best I ever had was kiwi. Enjoy!

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