Brazilian Challenge Day 18: Unha Fala

To be a better Brazilian, today I chatted it up with the manicurist.

This appears to be a very Brazilian thing to do. Whenever I get a manicure, the other clients are  non-stop yapping at the manicurist, sometime to the point where I feel sorry for the poor woman.

I’m not very accustomed to this custom. In the U.S., I rarely had a lengthy conversation with a manicurist, mostly because they rarely spoke much English. Most were of the Asian persuasion and either lived in deep-rooted Asian communities or had recently arrived.

But today I… well I tried to have a conversation. She actually wasn’t really into it. My manicurist was more interested in talking to the other client and manicurist next to us. I can’t really blame her. I could tell my attempts to talk were making her nervous, maybe because she didn’t exactly understand my Portuguese accent.

Oh well. I guess I’ll keep chipping away at it!!

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2 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 18: Unha Fala

  1. Stephanie says:

    Don’t feel badly at all! I’ve been going to the same place for the past 4 years (after trying various places the years before I found this place). It’s not an expat type of place, just Brasilian ladies from the neighborhood and of course no one speaks English, nor would I ever expect it. I like it cause I sometimes have had to take my son with me and all of the women there seem to really enjoy it when I bring him, it give us all more to talk about and I think maybe it makes me more credible since my son has a Brasilian Dad, was born here and speaks Portuguese (but only when HE wants to with me around), perhaps just another subject to chit-chat about. When I go to the salon alone, we just catch up on recent things, and then I get a Caras or Quem and zone out for an hour. They all talk to each other nonstop with all of the customers I have gathered, it’s a group conversation. It’s a comfort zone for me, and I don’t feel insecure that maybe sometimes I don’t want to/or can’t keep up the conversation the entire time. And it’s funny, I truly have my “good” and “bad” days in Portuguese. I swear somedays I can’t get anything right, and others, it’s fluid and awesome. I think maybe sometimes I hold back because I’m not in the mood for a bad Portuguese day! True.

    • It’s so funny here how they are with kids, right? I went to get a facial and my facialist told me that if I ever wanted to bring my daughter – someone there would watch her. That many women have brought their kids and whoever wasn’t busy watched the kids! I can’t imagine bringing my daughter to the salon in NYC, or any city in the U.S., and expect that someone would watch her! It’s awesome!
      Yes, I have my good and bad Portuguese days as well. Big sigh.

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