Brazilian Challenge Suggestions from Mulheres Ricas!

Photo swiped from Guia Folha, "Mulhreres Ricas":Lydia Sayeg, Val Marchiori, Brunete Fraccaroli, Narcisa Tamborindeguy e Débora Rodrigues (esq. p/ dir.)

According to Guia Folha, the women of Mulheres Ricas are passing out tips on how to be more Brazilian! Well, maybe not more Brazilian but more… self-consumed, needlessly extravagant Brazilian. Regardless, I’ll take on some of these tips for the cause

From Brunete Fraccaroli:

  • Eat shrimp Provençale in the new La Paillote in Jardins (west side)!
  • Have a Thai massage at the Hotel Tivoli (west).
  • Take a trip to the Botanical Gardens (south) on a weekday, take a basket of goodies! Stay a bit in nature!
  • Go to the movies in the Shopping Cidade Jardim (west side) and watch your favorite movie in first class seats while drinking champagne and eating popcorn with truffle oil! (Ok, I’ve actually seen a movie at this theater, see Segregation Cinema, but I’d be willing to go back, you know, if it’s going to make me more Brazilian…)
  • Make a caviar tasting at the Emiliano (west side).
  • Take a stroll around rua 25 de Março (center) early on, to buy toys, notebooks, pencils and sweets for day care center you support! (HA. I like how the orphans get the cheap toys. Think she shops for her Barbies on rua 25 de Março? No way.)
  • Learn how to dance Samba by going to the rehearsal of the Unidos da Vila Maria Samba Scholl.
  • Go to the Pinacoteca (center). They always have a fantastic art display! (We were actually there this past weekend, fabulous exhibition space, definitely worth going – will write more about it in a separate post…)

From Débora Rodrigues:

From Lydia Sayeg:

From Narcisa Tamborindeguy:

Happy hour at the Skye bar at the Hotel Unique (big surprise).

From Val Marchiori:

Some of these suggestions are actually pretty good, and not as ridiculous as one might expect. I’ll be adding a few to my list.

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9 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Suggestions from Mulheres Ricas!

  1. Alex says:

    Narcisa is such a freaking drunk!!!

    Surprised she didn’t include a nighttime visit to cracolandia on her things to do list.

  2. I don’t know. I think it kinda makes sense to buy toys at 25 de Março, so long as they are new, safe and fun. I just think you should never present a child with some used piece of crap. Kids aren’t stupid. Other than that you can probably get more toys for your buck at those stores, and hence help out more.
    Maybe it’s just me but when I was a kid I remember spending hours with 2 or 3 action figures, in a world I created just for them. And these action figures competed with some really expensive toys.
    I hope she is really keen on quality control though, specially pertaining to safety.

    • I hear you – I probably owned one Barbie my entire life. The point is that she recommends shopping in a place known for crappy, cheap products for the orphans, but I really doubt she’s ever bought anything for a friend or relative from there. Everything there is imported off the rejection piles in China. Someone bought my daughter a Backyardigans toothbrush from one of the shops there (they all have the exact same crap) and I had to throw it away because it made the entire bathroom smell like burnt rubber.

  3. skarrlette says:

    Brazilian women are way to feminine for me. I like sports, education, being in control, making my own money and wearing jeans. I don’t like men dominating me. Brazilian women seem to be caught and old US 80’s time warp. With the painted long nails big hair and lace skin tight clothes. That all went out of style 20 years ago. The nails, and the hair and the make-up is just too much for me. Too me having a brain in your head, doing your own thing, and being happy first not making a man happy is the way I will raise my daughter..

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