Street Vendors

The Brazilians are an entrepreneurial lot. It seems anyone with an idea can start work on the street. One phenomena that’s interesting is the street vendor.

I’m not talking those people that open shop along the street in a stand, although they do here. I’m referring to the ones that roam the roads with goods. And a rather odd assortment at that.

Sure, drinks and snacks make sense if you’re stuck in traffic. But if the street is busy enough, you can buy all sorts of other stuff like umbrellas, fruit, cell phone chargers, crappy toys that light up and/or spin…

Yesterday as we were stopped in traffic, a guy tried to sell us some windshield wipers. Now, we actually need windshield wipers, but you don’t really know what you’re getting when it’s coming out of a black plastic bag in the middle of road. I don’t know if the guy saw the shabby state our wipers were in, or if he recognized a spark of possibility in my husband’s eyes, but he hung out during an entire red light trying to haggle. Just know, you can negotiate with the street vendors. This particular one started at R$30 for a pair of wipers and was down to R$20 by the time the light changed.

We didn’t go for it. But I won’t be worrying about snack and water in the car anymore when in a pinch, I can just open my window and purchase.

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9 Responses to Street Vendors

  1. Windshield wiper…very funny. Don’t they come in many many different sizes? I always had to look in that book in Kragen that listed every car and its size. My Honda Civic took 2 different sizes!

    • Yes, probably. Another good reason not to buy off the street. Although he was holding the his new wipers up to ours – and I guess he could have tried them out on the spot. But yeah, who is to say he’s got a wide inventory! HA!

  2. Jana says:

    I was in a cab once and we came upon the windshield man and the cabbie haggled with him a bit got the price to 20R and bought them. The guy installed right on the spot, took his and had us ready to go before the light changed. I asked if they were god wipers and he said “oh sure they are as good as any mechanic would sell as a basic set” so he does this once a year usually. I’ve been hoping to come upon him in my car as we need new ones. Gotta love the convenience!

  3. harmamae says:

    The street vendors surprised me when I visited Brazil this summer, but I thought it was pretty handy that you could buy snacks if you were stuck in traffic. No one tried to sell us windshield wipers though 🙂

  4. Danielle says:

    I love all your pictures, but I have to ask: do people ever see you taking pictures of them? I always want to take pictures of people, but I’m too worried/embarrassed that they’ll see me taking their picture.

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