Netflix Brazil!!

For those sitting in Brazil, wanted to make you aware that Netflix has come to our country!

In the States, we were on again off again customers of Netflix. But for my daughter, it was great because there were a ton of kids shows you could get on-demand.

Now, I’m excited because I can see all sorts of movies, T.V. shows and documentaries in Portuguese! (And English if I want.) Between this and Mulheres Ricas, I’ll be fluent in a few weeks.

It seems it is just an online gig, not the movie delivery service. Also, if you had an account in the U.S., and you try and register with that email, you’re going to run into a snag. So use a different email address.

They are offering a free month trial if you want to check it out! Here’s the link:

Netflix Free Trial

After the free trial, it’s R$14.99. Not bad for unlimited online movies. You can even buy a contraption and to hook your laptop up and watch movies on your TV.

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12 Responses to Netflix Brazil!!

  1. Jana says:

    I heard it was here but people said it “wasn’t good yet” since they didn’t have a very wide variety of movies. So you were pretty happy then? Also, been meaning to ask, what channel is Mulheres Ricas on? I searched for it last night at 10:15 (thats the time it comes on right?) is it a once a week thing? Can’t wait to add that to my obsessive Finas Estampa routine for better Portuguese =)

    • For us, it’s great. They have a bunch of kids shows and movies so that Sophia can watch without being exposed to commercials. For me it’s great too because I can watch shows in Portuguese with Portuguese subtitles. I guess for Brazilians it might not be so fabulous – I’m not sure how expansive the movie selection is because we just signed up. It is probably limited on new releases.
      Mulheres Ricas is on Monday nights at 10:15pm channel on the Band network. I don’t know if they repeat on Thursday nights or not.

      • tito says:

        Can you please help me? I am looking for tv shows in portuguese with portuguese subtitles. I have a Netflix account which I got here in California. Where did you find portuguese content? Do you have to have a Netflix account based in Brazil? Is there any way to stream that content with a U.S. based netflix account?

        I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.
        Best of luck in all your endeavors!

  2. Peg says:

    If you have a US account it is supposed work in Brazil too, according to their customer service, although I’ve had no luck with it. I’ll check again when I get back.

  3. Shelley says:

    We’ve had Netflix in Brazil for a few months now. The selection is no where as good as it is in the states, but they do have a pretty decent option for kids shows/movies. The one thing that bugs me is that you can’t always tell what language the movie will be in. We still prefer to be entertained in English, and sometimes we’ll find a movie that we want to watch, only to start out and find out that it’s only in Portuguese. I’m not sure why they can’t offer movies in both English and Portuguese…but overall we find that it’s very worth the money.

    • That’s funny. I haven’t come across a movie yet that I can’t get in English – I was actually hoping there would be more movies with the option to have Portuguese language and subtitles so I can learn. But we just got the service. The kid options are great, right? But again, my daughter already has a bunch of English language shows to watch on Apple TV – I want her to watch more shows in Portuguese (without the commercials).

  4. Corinne says:

    some of the older movies are only in Portuguese, which is frustrating. I was disappointed that there was not a better selection of movies – there are no new releases or even semi-new (Avatar, for example).

  5. dandouglas says:

    It’s good, but the same movies in Canada that have English subtitles, only have portuguese subtitles in Brazil. This is troublesome when watching a non-english movie such as Nine Queens or other foreign language movies. The audio is in portuguese and the only options for subtitles are Spanish and Portuguese, or only Portuguese. The exact same movies on Netflix Canada have English subtitles.
    I’d send an email to Netflix to ask them about this, but they don’t provide a way to contact them except by phone.
    When I log onto my Canadian account in Brazil, at least I get the Brazillian Netflix.

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