Brazilian Challenge Day 13: Futebol Commitment

As Anna suggested, for my Brazilian challenge today I selected a Brazilian futebol team to be loyal to for the rest of my life.

I did not take this task lightly. With much research, which included reviewing team statistics, watching player footage and getting my tarot cards read, I finally landed on the team Flamengo.

Ok, that’s not true. I just asked my husband which team I should pick. He said his team was Flamengo, and in order to avoid any household conflict, it should be my team as well. Then I went and searched for the “flamenco futbol” team logo and came up with nothing. Great start.

Sure, I know linking myself to a Rio team when I live in Sao Paulo is probably going to result in some boteco brawls (because I have included the challenge of watching a game in a bar on my list), but I’m willing to risk it for the sake of my marriage. Wish me luck.

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5 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 13: Futebol Commitment

  1. Sarah says:

    I took the same approach to pick my team. 😉 And now Elis has also been trained to claim she cheers for the same team, although of course she (like me) couldn’t care less. ( How does your daughter feel about the whole soccer debate? She could cheer for a paulista team, just for fun!

    • Sophia LOVES soccer and just wishes someone would play with her. Anyone. From any team. They would buy her loyalty instantly. Love the post. She is such an expert! She’ll have to give Sophia a tour.

  2. I picked my hubby’s team, too. It’s just the easiest thing to do. I figure I need to pick my battles 😉

  3. If I lived in SP my choice would be Portuguesa de Desportos.
    Portuguesa is a “time de colônia” which means that it was founded by a specific immigrant community and never really expanded beyond that. This means that you can actually go to a Portuguesa match, like I once did while visiting SP, and not be surrounded by a bunch of hysterical youngsters shouting obscenities at other hysterical lads from the opposing side. It’s not that Portuguesa doesn’t have youth in it’s fan base, the thing is the older folks go as well and since it’s such a community team the moms and aunts scold the rapazes when they get too obscene. It is really funny. During the match I attended – Portuguesa vs São Paulo – the São Paulinos provided generous verbal abuse, yet many of the Portuguesa guys had their grannies come from behind and gently flic them when their response reached a similar level of ‘poetry’.
    Anyway since you’re doing the soccer thing once why not play this as well?
    Perhaps post the stub so your readers can play as well: “a Loteca das gringas.”

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