Brazilian Advil Will Make You Younger

I think this is hilarious. The Advil marketing team in Brazil is jumping on the vanity bandwagon. What a way to expand your target market! If I am interpreting this correctly, along with some makeup and skin care tips, Advil’s message is that if you are in pain, you’re just going to get wrinkles! (At least that is the underlying message I’m taking away.) So take Advil! I wonder if this ad is out in the U.S. I looked on Advil’s main site, and there is no sign of this kind of message. Anyone know?

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6 Responses to Brazilian Advil Will Make You Younger

  1. Can I just get a bottle of 50 like I can in the US? For a reasonable price? I really dislike buying 8 at a time.

  2. 3rdCultureChildren says:

    Oh, darling! I think your post is hilarious… but it’s just about the “tips & tricks”… presented by Advil, but no correlation between the meds and “getting younger looking”… but your interpretation is really funny… who would have thought that? On top of the page it says that Advil is presenting the list of tips… sponsored article, probably… but great sense of humor you’ve got there! 😮 Take care!

  3. Brasilicana says:

    Considering the Brazilian obsession with appearances, this is a smart marketing strategy!

    (BTW, this post totally inspired my latest Brazil mystery)

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