Mulheres Ricas, Week 2

Just a quick warning – I’m not normally a mean-spirited person. But I feel that if a person offers herself or himself up on television for something as talentless as being rich, I get to make fun of that person. So if you feel any loyalty to one or more of the cast members on this show, you may want to skip these posts. I don’t want you to think I’m a bad person.

Things were actually pretty mild on the show. More shopping and champagne drinking. But of course, there were a few hilarious elements.

First, Val, who will be referred to from now on as “The Tranny,” decided to throw a “party” at her house in Angra dos Reis. (For those who don’t understand the reference, “tranny” is short for transvestite, which I’m certain she is. Come on, at some point a wealthy, powerful guy just gets tired of the same old female anatomy. Who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds??) The Tranny invites Deborah and Brunete, the old architect, to her “party.” I don’t know where Narcisa is at this point, probably sleeping off a major hangover or still at her party from last week in a cocaine or ecstasy dancing haze. She makes an appearance later cleaning out her closet.

Deborah and Brunete agree to go to Angra. That is, until Deborah tells her husband she’s going and he gets upset. He’s worried about three women partying it up in Angra. He’s obviously never met Deborah’s friends. So Deborah declines the invite in order to avoid a fight with him. Fast forward to The Tranny’s “party” and you’ll see the two women, The Tranny’s makeup artist and some other random guy dancing on The Tranny’s patio. Hardly the makings of a scandalous evening.

Lydia, the jewelry designer (??), has a friend over to admire her family’s antique dishes. Whatever. What’s funny is that Lydia’s table is set up for lunch with a lovely set of blue & white china, complete with silver and everything, and guess what lunch has been prepared for their guest. Guess. Ham sandwiches. Yep. Can’t buy class.

The final hilarious event was at the very end. They are having dinner, not sure where, but an old man shows up, displaying some crusty old chest hair, and sings “It Had to be You.” Now, I heard that The Tranny was involved with an 80-year-old man with which she had twins (I don’t believe the twins have been mentioned). Could this be him? There’s no mention on screen as to who he is, and I didn’t catch how The Tranny identified him. If anyone knows, please let me know.


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25 Responses to Mulheres Ricas, Week 2

  1. Ray says:

    This show is freaking evil, it’s so bad, I can’t stop watching! UGH!!! 🙂
    The last dinner was a Fasano’s Hotel restaurant at Jardins, in Sao Paulo.


  2. Danielle says:

    hahaha I totally had a rich socialite student who was tired of being a trophy wife and who decided to have her husband invest in a business for her so that she, too, could be a jewelry designer. She had elements of the ridiculous but overall she was the nicest woman (and good English, too!).

  3. Anna says:

    Lydia has a double degree in gemology and in industrial design. Her family founded a jewelry company in 1912 called “Casa Leão Joalheria” and she works as a jewelry designer there.

    The “random guy” was the owner of the restaurant they went early that day in Angra. I think he is cute 🙂

    They are having an afternoon tea or coffee and snacks. Thats surely not lunch. If it were lunch they would be having “proper food” and glasses. There were only mugs and small plates on the table. Brazilians eat like that around 4 – 5 in the afternoon and have dinner around 9.

    The restaurant is called Fasano at Fasano Hotel -near Oscar Freire.

    Val has twins and the father is a billionaire (he is known as “the king of chicken”) but they were never married. I think they were only having an affair.

  4. Anna says:

    have you seen this?
    A Liga: Milionários – Band – Parte 1

  5. Anna says:

    She said “eating”. She didnt say “almoço”.

    I can see breads , butter, jams, cheese , tea , coffee on the table. That’s definitely “lanche”.

    Its really common to have a break in the afternoon and eat lanche: bread,cake, candy,

    Your MIL probably does it too , no?

    • Yeah, you are right. Looks kind of like a tea. HA. My MIL would NEVER serve guests sandwiches, regardless of the hour. Especially on television! But she has also lived all over the world, so that might be the difference. I would serve sandwiches, but only if they were all 4-years-old. And it would be on plastic plates 🙂
      See how much you can learn about culture from television!

      • Anna says:

        My family doesn’t eat bread in the afternoon like they did. I am sure there were other food on the table there too but I cant see well what else was there…
        We eat cake ; salty and sweet pastries.
        what does your MIL or you serve for lanche to adults?

      • Cakes. Definitely cakes, pastries, etc. I can’t even imagine what she would serve if she was going to be on television! Caviar! HA! But that how she rolls. Of course, my afternoon tea with cakes, etc. didn’t go so well with my Chinese friend (see I’m a Big, Fat, Dumb American). So…

  6. alex says:


    The Narcisa comment is great! She sounds like my kind of woman!

    Hilarius post and comments, i was laughing a lot!!


  7. Anna says:

    in my family we never use plastic plates or cups even for children , in a small or big party. I live in Europe now and here they also don’t use plastic.I was surprised to see how much plastic americans used when I lived there for parties and daily life. Even when it wasn’t plastic the table setting , napkins and table towel much more informal in general.

    • Well, maybe in Europe the kids are a bit less clumsy. All my Brazilian relatives had me load up my shipment with plastic plates, cups etc for the kids. Not talking the disposable plastic stuff they sell at the grocery store, but the durable kind. They just don’t sell good quality plastic kid stuff here – anywhere! Plus, the U.S. has items that are BPA free, which means there is no toxins in the plastic. I’ve never seen that here. And the items are colorful and fun for the kids.

  8. I’m watching this show just because of you! I saw that ‘dancing’ on the patio and kept thinking ‘WT?’ It is all quite staged, isn’t it?

    My next stop in the USA I’m picking up kids’ cups, pitchers and plates from IKEA.

  9. Ray says:

    Val called her husband to ask if she could buy a new plane 🙂
    She said she could buy a Lamborghini without consulting him, but she thought she’d better call him for buying a big item such as an new airplane that can fly to Paris without having to stop to re-fuel… (You think!)… crazy!!
    I have to call Gil if I change my mind between getting Yellow potatoes instead of “White” Potatoes… Ha! Lol!!! 😉


  10. Anna says:

    My PERSONAL opinion is that it’s normal to eat anything on china. At least in my house and my friends’ house that is. we do have some china we “save” to use in a special occasion like christmas easter anniversaries but the blue ones like that my mom also uses for breakfast , lunch snack or dinner… it doesn’t matter if we are eating bread , salmon , pasta or farofa 🙂

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