Brazilian Challenge Day 9: Fandangos

I’ve gotten so many amazing suggestions to add to my list of daily challenges that will drive my being Brazilian. But today, I spent most of the day on the bus from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo with my daughter (more on how much I love taking the bus on this route later…). My daughter convinced me to buy Fandangos at the rest stop, something that I’ve never seen before, so I’m adding it to the becoming Brazilian effort. It is a corn flour based snack, and I can’t say I’d add it to my list of favorites, but my daughter munched down most of the bag.

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5 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 9: Fandangos

  1. Anna says:

    fandangos , passatempo , bono all kids stuff
    you should try “amendoim japones” and “bem casado”
    bruxinha by Pati Piva (Cidade Jardim & Iguatemi)

    milho is corn

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