A Bus Story 2

Yesterday, my daughter and I rode the bus back to Sao Paulo from Rio. Again, I have to tell you how much I like this mode of travel between these two cities (see Rio or Bus…t). Like last time, we bought Executive seats on the 1001 line for R$93 a piece and it was great! (Unlike last time, we tickets for the right time and day. Although, when I went to book the tickets originally online, I chose a 2:00 time slot, which would have been 2am not 14:00. Thank goodness they rejected by debit card and my husband bought the tickets.) I didn’t even need to buy my daughter a seat, I think it’s not required until they are five years or older, but since we traveled during the day, I gave myself a break. If it were a night trip, I’d just get one seat, since she would sleep on my head anyway.

I was a bit nervous traveling on the bus alone with her, especially because we had two bags. But right as the taxi dropped us off at the station, there were guys who would help you with your bags for R$12. (worth every penny) I picked seats in the front row opposite the driver, which were excellent because we practically got a panoramic view, and most of the drive between the two cities is very scenic. Here is a tip – avoid getting a seat in the back of the bus. It gets pretty bumpy. I know this because Sophia wanted to use the bathroom, which is in the back of the bus. (I think she didn’t even have to go, because we had just gone at the rest stop, but she wanted to see it. Annoying. Ugh. Avoid at all costs. Nothing worse than trying to keep a kid on the toilet paper you’ve lined a probably dirty seat with while bouncing up and down.)

Sophia was very happy with her seat and her juice box/snacks. The bus made one stop (where we picked up the Fandangos). It was also nice to have some quality time together without distractions. We read books, drew pictures and pointed out shapes in the clouds. It wasn’t until near the end of the trip that she got edgy and asked to see a show on the iPhone. If she had taken a nap, she probably wouldn’t have even requested it, but it was all too exciting.

Some might argue that flying between Rio and Sao Paulo is easier, but for me, the different in the time commitment for the trip is minimal, it’s most often cheaper with more direct pricing, and a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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10 Responses to A Bus Story 2

  1. I have done that trip myself, and if not really in a rush, it is definitely worth it! Plus, all the hours you have to prepare to get to the airports and the stress and hassle…it’s not worth the price sometimes. Although if you are leaving from Tiete station in SP, that can be a nightmare itself. I had the pleasure of traveling to Rio from SP on the day before Christmas – it was what I imagine China to be like all the time! And all the tickets were basically sold out. Ended up getting some for a bus that was leaving 5 hours later. Fun.

    • Oh yes. You should definitely plan ahead. These tickets go fast closer to the date. When we purchased these online two days before, every single seat on the bus was free. But during the trip, there was only one seat open.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Danielle says:

    Nice! Seats 3 and 4 are DEFINITELY the best on any bus ride, especially if the driver leaves the window curtain open! And Rachel let me in on a big airline secret that means I’ll definitely avoid flying from SP to Rio ever: the airline companies offer a bunch of daily flights between the cities, but if they don’t sell enough tickets, they’ll cancel the earlier flights and bunch all the passengers together! So almost every morning flight is delayed. Sacanagem. (Braziculous?) Plus the price difference is just so drastic, and both airports are so far out of town, that it’s totally not worth it.

  3. Anna says:

    I know 3 types of buses in brazil
    “leito” the best , “executivo” medium , “convencional” the cheapest.
    is it the same way traveling between SP-RIO?

    • so what happens on the “leito” bus that makes it better than the executivo?? I have no idea if leito is even available, I’ve never seen it, but I’ve only ridden the bus twice. Which company has the “leito” service?

  4. Anna says:

    it has better seats, wider and more comfortable, better blanket and pillow , better service,

    Leito is 1-1-1 (1seat +corridor +1seat + corridor+1 seat) or 2-1 (2seats +corridor+ 1seat) each row. Other buses are 2-2 (2 seats+corridor+2 seats)
    I know that many companies have leito but i dont know which ones go from sp to rio.

    example: http://www.tiagomendes.net/2010/11/leito-cama-da-transpen.html

  5. Anna says:

    it turns into a “bed” http://www.flogao.com.br/newbus/102664910

    executivo inclines too but not as much as leito

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