Brazilian Challenge Day 8: Fantástico

Tonight I watched a “news” program on the television monopoly Globo channel called Fantástico. For the Americans, this show is Good Morning American meets Nightly News. It’s hosted by Zeca Camargo and Renata Ceribelli who I believe someone told me are married to each other. (Update: They are not married. It is another show I was thinking of.)

The first story was about a car crash in which a two-year-old baby was killed (I think). Very sad, but the odd thing was that the victim driver, the baby’s father, was only shown in silhouette to hide his identity. The criminal drivers were able to hide their faces from the cameras after they exited the paddy wagon. The message was don’t drink and drive, a noble one. But the segment struck me wrong, kind of like some (staged) government propaganda film.

Similarly, the second segment was about dog fights. A woman was walking her dog when suddenly (it looked like) a bunch of dogs attacked this dog. A man appears on his bicycle and begins to beat one of the dogs with his bike. Then, suddenly, law enforcement, in the form of transit workers, appear out of nowhere in their car, jump out and start kicking the dogs!! I swear, not making this up. And a camera was conveniently capturing all of this from above. The guys who showed up in the nick of time to kick the crap out of the dogs were interviewed about what to do in case you are in the throws of a dog altercation. Huh?

Then, there was something about bears, a bungee-jump gone wrong, and how you should not use a bumper and a whole bunch of stuffed animals and blankets in a baby crib if you don’t want your infant to suffocate (old news in the U.S.). Oh yes, and for some reason, a large blue chicken made multiple appearances. The big chicken made an appearance and at a toddler school to terrify them.

There was coverage of a senior citizen adventure trip called Pedi a Deus (I asked God) where they played bingo, bought souvenirs, watched a snake show, and then they were all thrown into a raft in the river. I had to check to be sure I was still watching Fantástico and that we hadn’t transitioned into another television program, because this senior bus trip portion was absurdly long.

There was some festival coverage and then someone who fell into the ice in Russia. Well of course, someone from Brazil is not going to be aware of the dangers of running across a frozen river!

On to Miss Brazil who got into a car crash and because she didn’t wear her seatbelt in the back seat and is now temporarily in a wheel chair (but still sporting full-on makeup and a fancy scarf around her neck brace – what a trooper) and then I couldn’t take anymore.  It was only half over. I put in more than an hour, so I believe this satisfies my attempt to be Brazilian for today.

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22 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 8: Fantástico

  1. Meredith says:

    Did you like it? I do, and have been watching it for years. In fact, it was on just now while we were at the restaurant and I saw the 2nd half of the show you just described :).

  2. Sarah says:

    OK, here’s your next Brazilian challenge: make yourself watch Faustão. For four straight hours (or whatever it is) on a Sunday afternoon.. If you can stomach the ENTIRE show, that will be the proof that you are really, truly Brazilian. (I haven’t gotten to that point yet, probably never will.) I dare you! 😉

  3. Brasilicana says:

    I like Fantastico, it normally has interesting segments – although that episode sounds rather meh (I didn’t see it). LOL at Sarah’s “Faustão” recommendation… the only part worth watching is the “Video Cassetadas” (a 5-minute segment of old “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”) I’ve never understood why the show has to be that long.

  4. I think we watched a little of this show. Since there are 2 thumbs up, I think I’ll have to try watching the whole thing!

  5. Leticia says:

    What happened to Patricia poeta? They were true about Faustao my husbands whole family gathers on Sunday and we eat and watch 4 hrs of this show compete with dancing girls in little clothing,very odd.talent show, game show,everything rolled into one.

  6. Anna says:

    i like fantastico but I hate faustao

  7. Danielle says:

    Fantástico is kind of hit or miss; some things are interesting/informative (especially when they’ve been lifted off of the National Geographic channel, ha), but you do get a lot of sensationalism / depressingly obvious PSAs. But it tends to be good more often than bad; I’d try again if I were you!
    Faustão is horrible, horrible, horrible and will make you want to quit your Brazilian challenge! Don’t subject your brain to that trash!
    I do recommend CQC on Monday nights. It’s kind of like The Daily Show. You might still need your husband to fill you in on the political background of some jokes or segments, but overall it’s great. There was some drama with one of the hosts a couple of months ago, and I’m not sure if he’s still on the show. But aside from that guy’s occasionally non-PC comments, the show in general is well made.

  8. Corinne says:

    Fastao is definitely should be part of your Brazilian challenge – either that or Calderao do Huck, any of those all day long variety shows that Brazil loves so much. I tend to like Fantastico and it is where all the major news stories break (the Collar scandal, the footage of the money in the underwear and various other bribes and scandals). Another show that is good to watch, but is also hit or miss (and more so since one of the troupe died) is Casseta e Planeta, usually on Tuesdays. Another very Brazilian and popular show (if you are doing a Brazilian TV challenge) is Grande Familia.

    • Ok, great. Adding Grande Familia to my list. What’s up with the novelas these days? What’s good?

    • Becky says:

      First of all, TV is the best way to improve your portuguese… I have improved a MILLION times since I started watching tv in the evenings with my in-laws while we crashed at their place for a few months while we were trying to decide what i was going to do for a job, where we wanted to live, if we were going to buy or rent… and continued to mooch off of my mother in laws incredible cooking…. when i first got to brazil i spent the majority of the evening reading but then finally gave up and decided to watch novelas with the fam after dinner and got hooked on Tempos Modernos.. which was WAY better than the current novelas… however, i am starting to finally like Fina Estampa….

      OMGOSH you never watched Faustao (yes, it runs for about 4 hours….similar to Sabado Gigante in the States and the rest of Latin America) OR fantastico…. the TV is on
      Globo the WHOLE day on Sunday on the farm so we basically catch parts of all of this garbage tv… it’s hysterical. My inlaws think that all americans do stupid stuff like the idiots on the video cassetadas, though. hahahaha i think what is worse is watching Video Show followed by Video Game… those are on around lunchtime… and both make me want to vomit my lunch back up. it’s just recycling old Globo programing and making “news” out of it so that they don’t have to invent anything new for a few hours… then it is followed up by their segment “Vale a pena ver de novo” where they show old novelas… this time it is Mulheres de Areia… a Novela from the 90s (i think…). Anyways, its just a whole straight 5 hours of recycled TV and Brazilians eat it up.

      Oh and the news story about the guy who killed a baby… he actually killed his wife, who was 7 months pregnant, so he ended up killing his future child because he stopped, then decided to run a stoplight. he insisted he didn’t drink at all that night, whereas, if i remember correctly, they tried to do some tests and he couldn’t pass any of them… however, if i saw my husband dead on the sidewalk (god forbid..) i’m pretty sure that touching my nose with my index finger would also be out of my abilities. i spent the whole segment unable to even move… there was something else about his family… i think it was that his parents were killed in a car accident too, or something horrifying.. he’s pretty much walking bad luck. however, i cant help but mention that usually on fantastico theres a story about a baby found in a garbage bag… and of course this week there was one as well!! this was in the second half!

      The actual news, however, isn’t that bad.. Journal Nacional… I watch it pretty much every night, but prefer the one that runs later in the evening becuase it seems like they talk about more serious issues.

      A Grande Familia is excellent…. it’s really a grreeeeat show that cracks me up every time and Calderao do Huck always makes me cry during the similar to “extreme makeover: home edition” segments. i actually think he is a really really great guy with a great heart so his show is really interesting and usually entertaining.

      Oh Brazilian TV…and Big Brother started up again… lord HELP me when I have dinner at my in-laws now… it’s going to be the only thing anyone talks about….and of COURSE we HAD to watch the first episode today when we had pizza at my husband’s cousin’s house tonight. at least theres a suuuuper hottie to keep my eyes entertained this year “o gato” is his nickname….meeeee-oooowwww!

      • Wait… then who were the two guys they showed (like five times) coming out of the van in handcuffs? And why was he in silhouette?
        Ok, I’m going to have to watch Sunday television. Check this all out for myself. My husband recommended Journal Nacional. Though, I cannot watch Big Brother. The lowest I go is Mulheres Ricas.

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