Sorry, back to Mulheres Ricas

I’m watching “Mulheres Ricas” (I’ve conveniently included the youtube links in case you want to as well) and I’m dying. Hilarious, most of the women have HUGE pictures of themselves all over the house. One has a room wallpapered with a gigantic photo of her face! Well, saying it is her face is a bit of a stretch… it’s either her face from 50 years ago or her face insanely photoshopped. (I’m SO doing this when I get back to Sao Paulo – I must have a high school prom picture somewhere…) The same one is holding a Barbie doll in a number of shots that – ahem – appears, from a great distance, to be in her “likeness” (only because they are wearing the same dress) but I can’t figure out why she has this. And so soon into the series, another one is so wasted she can barely speak.

As I suspected, it’s even crazier than the U.S. version! But it leads to the same question… If these woman have everything, why do they need to try so hard to prove they are something?

And yes, this IS what I’m doing on a Friday night. Listen, if you are into bad television at all, you can’t miss this. It is historical.

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22 Responses to Sorry, back to Mulheres Ricas

  1. Oh. My. God.

    Apparently USA doesn’t have a corner of the market on a self absorbed 1%!

    I made it through the first one and wanted to poke my own eyes out watching that mother and her daughter shop. That’s 12 minutes I’ll never get back.

    In all honesty, I’m fascinated too. It’s a train wreck and I can stop rubber-necking. On to the second clip….

  2. One redeeming quality of the show… every one of those women are a good 20 lbs heavier than any of the women on the US version. They actually have curves.

  3. First of all: Oh. Meu. Deus.
    After being exposed to the teaser of Mulheres Ricas over at Alex’s blog ( obrigado dude 😦 ) I am relieved to see that Ronaldo found the Barbie Doll (a shoe was missing, but still ). Anyway after that it all went downhill fast – not that the program was on high ground to begin with.
    I admit to predicting that Barbie Doll lady and the truck driving lass would end up having an affair. I take that back. This show is not going to end well for any of the ladies involved since there are 2 women that come from old money, 2 that are of working class background, and one that seems to be of middle class lineage. All of this in a Latin country, where class is a big deal, so believe you me this isn’t going to play out like a handful of WASP’s bickering over who gets to head the pot luck dinner committee: the cat fights are going to be tremendous, and it’s going to get bloody.

  4. Corinne says:

    oh God. Narcisa is just aweful. She has been a headline grabbing socialite since my first trip to Brazil (in 1992). it is strangely addicting, though.

  5. Daneris says:

    On a positive note unlike the similiar show in America, these house wives are pleasant and nice to one another. If you have watched even one episode of the Real Housewives you would have noticed how mean they are to eachother and they even go as far as having physical altercations with one another. Of course Mulheres Ricas is still in it’s early stages but I hope these women don’t take it to that level. Who knows maybe the altercations in the American show are staged.

    These women seem really happy, maybe they are a part of this show not to prove anything but because they like the attention. Narcisa doesn’t seem bad, of course I don’t know her I am simply going by what I see. She seems to be extremely happy, so that is good. To think that I when I went to Rio I saw the Copacabana Palace from across the street and she is staying there what an experience!

    • I sure hope this doesn’t follow the U.S. model because it’s gotten really uncomfortable. The first Real Housewives season of the first show (Real Housewives of Orange County) was NOT like it is now and that’s when I started to watch. But each season and each show became progressively worse, which is why so many of the Orange County housewives bailed (or were let go for not causing enough drama – I’ve heard it both ways). These women on Mulheres Ricas are pretty wacky (and self absorbed) but hopefully it won’t get nasty.

      • nina says:

        Brazilian culture is like that though, I mean the women are probably never going to argue too much or fight on the show. Everything major is going to be hush, hush. Many women in Brazil are very caddy and usually do everything behind each other’s back. While very nice to your face, the second your gone they start talking about you. Of course many countries have many women who behavior like this, but here when their mad most likely they are going to give each other silent treatments.

        • Let’s see. The previews showed Deborah comments on the quantities of champagne the others were consuming…
          It’s funny, when the series for Real Housewives started, the women never really confronted each other, but instead, just talked about each other during the camera interviews. Then, I think the producers began to add more alcohol to the mix and hire more unstable people.
          I’m watching tonight. For those that can’t take it, I’ll report back 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    I can’t believe you just made me watch that! Yes, the whole thing.

  7. scrubgrub says:

    ohh sweetness thanks for the links! I need to umm… practice my Portuguese. Interesting you should mention the large photos all over. My friend was touring someone’s house and saw a giant photo on the wall in the woman’s bedroom (which of course didn’t look like her, because as you mentioned it is either from high school or crazy Photoshoped), and asked if it was her daughter. After the comment she realized 2 things. 1 her daughter was like 10, and 2 the photo was of her in lingerie….

    • HAHAHAHA! Your poor friend. Well, a person has got to expect that kind of reaction when they plaster a younger version of themselves all over their walls!
      I’m certain my Portuguese will improve. I’m already walking around the apartment declaring “Eu adoro!”

  8. I am watching in England, via youtube…just hilarious…I am brazilian and this women don’t make me a very proud one…good luck to you living in this amazing country with these amazing people (not talking about the rich women from the program ;-)) xoxo

    • Have you ever seen the Real Housewives series from the U.S.?? Talk about being embarrassed about the American image!! HA!
      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad to be here in Brazil, enjoying nearly every minute.

  9. Some favorite things from the first episode:
    The blonde buying the plane – its just like buying a new blouse for her! Also, did I misunderstand this, but it seemed the other woman, Narcisa, shot her down for the Paris shopping trip?? Finally, the last woman – she is a bullet proof woman. Let’s hope someone doesn’t try to make her prove that! It is incredible the kind of wealth that exists in this world. I wonder if the people in the favelas manage to catch this show or have heard about it?

    • Yes, Narcisa continues to dis her on the next two episodes.
      There is some uproar over this show here because of the wealth disparity. But my theory is, by the time the season is over, it is not going to be cool to be rich.

  10. Oh, also, I loved the pseduo spiritual attempt by Narcisa with her Ohm and namastes 🙂

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