Unresolved Fears

Often times, new year’s resolutions are dependent on overcoming the things that scare us. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of tragedy, fear of loneliness…. While my resolutions this year are focused on a few, pointed goals, I thought I would still review some of the fears I’ve acquired this year:

Questionable safety standards

Electrical fires

Over eating

Driving in this country

Voodoo curses

Creepy baby dolls

Random clowns

Random neanderthals


Real estate bubbles

Brazilian bikinis

Here’s to overcoming all of our fears in the new year!



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5 Responses to Unresolved Fears

  1. Brasilicana says:

    …and the bikini in the picture is actually quite modest as far as Brazilian bikinis go – it actually has full back coverage!

    I too am afraid of driving here; I haven’t even done it yet (first I need to learn how to drive manual shift).

    Have there been any fears you’ve overcome in the past year?

    • I know the bikini was a gift. I’m pretty sure that they were shopping in the “third age” section for me. I’m still scared of it and after owning it for a year I have yet to put it on!

      I’ll really have to think about what fears I’ve overcome this past year. Ok, I’ll be totally honest – I have been thinking about it and haven’t come up with much. The one fear I’ve overcome is speaking Portuguese. I used to be very intimidated and afraid to make mistakes. Now I just plow into it knowing I’m making mistakes and hoping someone corrects me.

  2. Congratulations! I was scared to drive the first 2 weeks, but I feel comfortable now. Those darn motorcycles…but as my husband says I have to drive for everyone, not just myself, since they don’t know how.

  3. Shelley says:

    Oh god, the random clowns. I had one ask me for a shoe one time.

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