Brazilian Baywatch

Yesterday we got to witness a boy being rescued by helicopter at Leblon Beach in Rio.

Then, I guess they figured since they had the net out anyway, why not catch a fish!

(it may be hard to see, was using my phone camera, but there’s a fish flopping around in their net – a good reminder to NEVER be without my regular camera)

And then we got a little show.

It’s good to know that the city has these kind of resources if someone is in trouble. Make me a little less scared to jump into those big waves. I just need to remember to yell “socorro” instead of “help!”

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10 Responses to Brazilian Baywatch

  1. How dramatic! I could se the looked huge! But it left me wondering…don’t they have lifeguards? Or if the current was so terrible that a lifeguard couldn’t get to a struggling swimmer, don’t they have a flag system or the power to close the beach for swimming?

    • A lifeguard went to meet the boy when they dropped him near the shore, but that’s the first time I saw one! I think it was the same guy that had himself pulled up in the third video. The helicopter was pretty dramatic, maybe a little boat would be more efficient. Brazil! Who knows!

  2. Alex says:

    Dramatic indeed!!!!! Good thing they saved him!


  3. Anna says:

    they do have safeguards and the flags system.
    Maybe this guy didnt obey and he was too far out.

  4. Danielle says:

    Our beach has a lot of lifeguards!

  5. Rachel says:

    I’ve seen this before! It’s so scary crazy and that sand hurts like a bitch when they get close. Glad to see the person was saved. People really need to respect the ocean in Rio, it can get as crazy as Carnaval

    • I’ve gotten knocked about without even going out too far. I’m a good swimmer, but I’m cautious when it comes to waves. I’ve heard eyewitness accounts of people swimming out… and just never coming back.

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