Road Side Snacks

Once again we made the drive from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro so we can spend the holidays first in the mountains of Petropolis and then on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Important elements to trip are the rest stop and food. Sure, you will most often find some American road side favorite such as Ruffles, Cheetos and Pringles at these establishments (from my travels I have concluded that Pringles have a home at nearly every rest stop in the world).

But if you ever wondered, here are some of the road side snacks you’ll find in Brazil…


These rings of puffed air and wheat are very popular with children and are also sold on the beach. While they taste like almost nothing in the varieties of salt and sweet, in the right setting, it is down right addictive.

Peanut brittle and a banana and sugar chewy, gelatinous kind of candy.

Coconut cookies. And of course. That’s right. You guessed it.

Road side Panettone. (see Pantettone Panic)

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4 Responses to Road Side Snacks

  1. Meredith says:

    Those “rings of puffed air” are addictive! And it is weird, right? Because they don’t really taste like anything. LOL

  2. Brasilicana says:

    I love biscoitos de polvilho!!! Never seen them in the ring shape though – here in Bahia they’re either shaped like balls or peanuts.

    I may or may not have, at some point in my Brazilian life, consumed an entire package of them alone. (but they’re so light, it’s not that many calories… right?)

  3. I happen to know that biscoitos de polvilho are excellent with coffee. And if they languish on your counter, dogs and chickens LOVE them almost as much as they love cockroaches.

  4. Alex says:

    OMG I love Biscoito de Povilho. I think they have an interesting taste!

    And the Pannetone….wow, sounds like a Brazilian national pass time to go Pannetone hunting.

    Have fun in the serra!


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