I came across a great adjective today. Brazilliant. I plan on using it profusely and I am even adding this to my categories section. If you come across anything Brazilliant, please let me know. I’ll kick if off with this…

I think it is Brazilliant that the security guards in mall parking garages ride around on Segways…


Update: The opposite of Brazilliant is Braziculous (Brazil + ridiculous).

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17 Responses to Brazilliant

  1. Shelley says:

    Always makes me think of Gob from Arrested Development.

  2. Danielle says:

    haha! It took me a while to figure out the meaning and the difference between this word and just “Brazilian.”

    I think another good example could be the guys who sell umbrellas outside of metro stations on rainy days. And though you may disagree, I’d like to give Braziliant props to the AMTs at the bank, which can do lots of things and which far surpass the intelligence of the bank tellers / managers.

    Let’s hope your awesome new word gets picked up in our little blog world, like my words “Braziliversary,” “Hicktown/Caipirópolis,” and “Latin American Honesty.” Just reminding people that I was the one who made those up. OK, done.

    • I’m afraid I can’t take credit for Brazilliant. I saw it on another website. But I love it! I will totally trust you on the fact that the ATMs in Brazil are Brazilliant, though I’ve only progressed far enough to extract cash from them. I look forward to future interactions, like the scanning thing.

  3. Alex says:

    Yeah Danielle I think I have stolen Caipiropolis more than once! Because it’s ingenious!

    And, if you do not copyright it, I think I will start using “Braziliant” too, born again braziliant Brazilian!

  4. Ray says:


    I love this new word. Could you say Brazilian birthday parties are Brazilants? 😉


    Brazilians have always made fun of the “Latin American Honesty”, by the way, we Brazilians usually do not consider ourselves in any way, shape or form, similar with the rest of “Latin America”. Brazilians are always highly suspicious of the Hispanic side of Latin America.
    There are jokes in Brazil about everything that is fake or might be fake or a knock off being from Paraguay or Bolivia for example. Like if you buy a fake “Sony” TV that is really made in Paraguay and it will implode itself in six months, literally melt from the inside out. There were TV ads in the 80’s and 90’s making fun of people who bought a fake VCRs from Paraguay. 🙂


  5. april says:

    Have you seen this?! Have this color, and am a huge fan…

  6. Jana says:

    oh this is going to be contagious. i find brazilian things all the time. but what happens if its bad, brastupid? brazilidumb? we need to work on that one…

  7. Ray says:

    Ha! Awesome! How about Braridiculous!
    I would totally put Sao Paulo’s traffic in that category and also the CET and their “automated traffic fines applying devices”!!! That is the ultimate Bradicuous, Braridiculous thing that get’s on my nerves.


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