Cooper Glicério

This morning I came across this contraption, erected next to the Museum of Art on Paulista Avenue. The work of a mad (louco) but genius, now homeless architect?

It’s actually a depository for recyclables arranged by an organization called Cooper Glicério. Founded in 2006, the group is currently made up of 45 “scavengers,” many of whom had lived on the streets and created an income by collecting recyclables from the streets and businesses. Cooper Glicério promotes its part in keeping the streets clean and preserving the environment.

Guess it’s less convenient than having a truck come by and pick up your recyclables, but it’s something. (We always set out our recyclables next to the garbage can in the stairwell, and I never really know what happens after that. Probably nothing.)

I don’t know how many of these depositories exist around the city, but they certainly turned what could easily be an eyesore into a work of art. At least on Paulista Avenue.

Only in Brazil my friends. Only in Brazil.

If anyone knows more about the particular structure, or about the organization in general, I would love to hear about it.

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3 Responses to Cooper Glicério

  1. Jana says:

    Thats so interesting, I always wonder where the recyclables go even though I do so the collector guys roaming up and down the streets with their carts. I actually thing this is a great way to display “one persons junk is another persons treasure.” Ill have to go check this out =)

  2. workmomad says:

    What an original idea!

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