Versatile Blogger Award

My always entertaining blogger friend Nancy from has awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks Nancy! However, this entitlement comes with responsibility, including listing seven things about yourself and nominating other blogs. So here we go…

Seven things about myself:

1. I was reading Stephen King novels in the second grade.

2. I’m a Real Housewives Bravo TV series addict, although I’m going cold-turkey as of today. (Really, I am. I AM!!!!)

3. In grade school, I was in a regional math competition. They announced that I had won, and then they took it back because they MISCALCULATED the scores. I’ve never gotten over it. I blame this experience for my slight mistrust of any organized competition.

4. I’ve had three careers thus far: hotels/resorts, marketing/PR and Wall Street. I’ve had reasonable success with all three, the last being the most lucrative. Now, I’ve written five screenplays. The first one was terrible. The second one was better, but still terrible. The third was OK but had a ridiculous ending. The last two are pretty good, and I’ve been in the process of marketing both, yet have not been successful so far. This is difficult for me to choke back due to my previous successes and has tortured me over the past few months. But now I’m over it. Really, I am. I AM!!!!!!

5. I was absolutely and totally devastated when my parents finally sat me down to tell me that there was no Santa Claus. This information came with a flood of other nasty realities. What about the tooth fairy? What about the Easter Bunny? This happened at an embarrassingly old age, like nine or ten. I cried for hours. Yes, as a child I desperately wanted to believe in magic, and I still do.

6. I love acupuncture and I found an acupuncturist here in my neighborhood that allegedly speaks English (very important to be able to communicate with the person that is sticking needles into you) but I have yet to make an appointment. I am determined to use the time previously used to read blogs like and to accomplish this objective. (Actually, I’ll have a lot more free time now, I can accomplish all sorts of things…)

7. About ten years ago, I smashed my neck snowboarding. I was in pain for a long, long time and the only thing that helped was Iyengar Yoga. I highly recommend this for anyone who has misaligned their spine in some way.

Now, for the blogs I would like to recognize:

First, my fellow Brazil bloggers –

American Heart, Brazilian Soul These guys are doing just the opposite – Brazilians living the American dream.

Danielle In Brazil Danielle also married a Brazilian, lives in Brazil, and has lived to tell about it.

Give Us This Day our Daily MangoI thought it was a challenge to be a Brazilian expat with one child, throw a couple more on the pile and things get really crazy.

Living Life On the Road Less Traveled Another girl brought to Brazil via love.

Meredith’s Bound for Brasilis She made it!

Nina Diaspora of the Sky Another survivor in Brazil.

O Jeito Brasileiro A Hawaiian girl in Brazil. Can’t be that much different… except, it is.

Qualidade de Vida The experiences and opinions of two cool guys in Brazil.

Rachel’s Rantings in Rio An American expat with two little ones in Rio. I’m jealous of the probable beach play dates.

The Tao of Me Sometimes love stories do have happy endings… just follow your heart (I have to keep reminding myself).

Paulista Pursuits  Amazing adventures and photography.

Blog da Elis Another family of three riding the waves of Sao Paulo.

Bossa Breezes Another brave soul trying to get to Brazil

Titia Amor An American girl making her way in Rondonia

And the non-Brazilian blogs I read (not including the reality television blogs that I am no longer reading as of today) –

Linda Silvestri – Sketched Out The most talented illustrator I know. I await, with bated breath, her children’s book series.

Tom Farrell Music Music and yoga, what a great combination. Look for some pretty hilarious stories coming soon.

If I Were Brave What would you do if you were brave? I LOVE this. Do something brave every day.

Dad’s Primal Scream An ex-mormon and gay dad finds a great deal of humor (and sometimes sadness) in his new world.

Mental Gymnastics Why not? Any exercise is good.

I’m On the Band Wagon If you ever wanted to get inside the heads of a rock band, here is where you can.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I’ll add later. Thanks again Nancy!

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23 Responses to Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I’m here in Brazil, too! Your career path is interesting. I also rely on acupuncture…but we do nto have one here in Rondonia.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the mention…I guess that means I need to get going an blog update! I should get the Fewest Posts Per Year Blogger Award!

  3. workmomad says:

    You’re welcome! Your seven facts are very interesting, and the blogs look fascinating. I read “If I Were Brave” too and it is wonderful! Have you seen the post about the goose chase yet?


  4. Jimeluiz says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Keep on blogging on. =8^)

  5. Thanks so much! I recently received this award, so what if I cheated and added you to my blogroll instead? Would that be ok?

  6. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the shout out and the fun facts!

  7. Peg says:

    Thanks! My very first award. I just finished my post if you want to see:

  8. Jana says:

    Great fun facts, Im a bravo crazy and wish I could give it up. Im currently addicted to the Rachel Zoe project… Thanks for the shout out =)

  9. You are welcome. I used to be addicted to Rachel Zoe Project, but I couldn’t get it online here, so I had to go cold turkey. (thank goodness, though she was super fun to mock, right?)

  10. Meredith says:

    Thanks for the award! I’m working on mine 🙂

  11. alex says:

    Ahh, I just saw this! You are a great blogger and I love you’re quirky posts about creepy dolls and all the things you write about. Thank you so much for recommending me too! I REALLY appreciate it!

    Beijos e Abracos,

  12. nina says:

    I totally agree with you about iyengar yoga. I broke a bone in my back horseback riding and it was one of the only things that helped me to recover. Thanks for the post it was really really nice of you.

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