More Creepiness


I kid you not. Not only did one of my daughter’s creepy Brazilian baby dolls (one that talks – creepy) just say her name, followed by “mae mae,” but our phone rang and the doll said “Ola.”

If I become the victim of a mysterious accident… it was the doll.

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16 Responses to More Creepiness

  1. danielle says:

    omg throw it out the window quick

  2. Ray says:

    This is “Chuckie’s” twin! freaky!!!!

  3. Alex says:

    Cracked out baby! What a nightmare, I am about to cry right now. Thank god I can’t hear the “maemae” and “ola” ( wtf, is she from Portugal?) because it would send me into a deep and dark place within my mind.

    I can’t sleep now.

  4. Ok, false alarm. I forced my husband to sit with the doll and run through all the things it says. I guess she said “Soria mae mae” (which means “Smile Mommy” and not “Sophia mae mae” (my daughter’s name). But it did try to answer the phone.

    • Alex says:

      Great, now I wont sleep for another 3 days. Smile mom! OMG kill me now. And she tried to answer the phone. Uhh you are probably safer in Paraisopolis than anywhere within 500 meters of that thing. Run while you still can!

      Still awake,

  5. workmomad says:

    Don’t they have any American Girl, Madame Alexander or Cabbage Patch dolls you can buy, or could you have a relative ship you some from the states? These baby dolls would begin to give me a complex!


  6. Anna says:

    Cabbage Patch is just as creepy 😦

    I used to have very cute ( face , clothes and hair ) dolls from the brand “estrela” when I was young. The ones you are posting here are creepy indeed! They were similar to the ones from American Girl brand.
    I wonder what happened to the dolls industry in brazil!

    btw if this one had nice eyes and had her hair combed it wouldn’t be so bad actually .

    • I agree. I was always just a little bit afraid of Cabbage Patch kids. We’ve tried to comb her hair, but it just keeps going back to this shaggy kind of look. All the babies also have bags under their eyes, like they haven’t gotten much sleep (maybe because they’ve been watching you all night 🙂

  7. And you don’t know what it does when no one is watching…

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