Update: The Expat Shopping List

A couple weeks ago I put together some advice for the soon-to-be-expat coming to Brazil. The advice was in the form of a list of items that will be in my suitcase on the trip back to Brazil from the United States (that is, if I make it out of the country with my daughter thanks to the incompetent and unprofessional zany antics of our immigration lawyers).

Since then, based on feedback from readers and fellow bloggers, I’ve updated my list, both adding and removing items. (read original post For-the-Soon-to-be-Expat: Shopping List)


Peanut Butter

Not a bottle of maple syrup, but instead maple syrup powder or extract – more efficient when traveling

Select herbs and spices

Oils such as avocado oil and coconut oil ( you would think that coconut oil would be inexpensive here, since coconuts are falling off trees nearly everywhere you look, but know, it much more expensive than in the U.S.)


Face wash


Kitchen gadgets

Rain boots for my daughter


Conveniently packages medicinal portions, like Benadryl Perfect Measure Pre-filled Spoons stuff


Baking powder/ baking soda – they do actually sell both here, I found out thanks to my commenters. Apparently the blank stares I would get at the grocery stores when I asked in Portuguese about these products were just for fun.

Wine – got some good wine suggestions, enough to stop me from lugging back too many

Thanks everyone for helping me to readjust my list!!!

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7 Responses to Update: The Expat Shopping List

  1. workmomad says:

    Have you been able to find baking powder/baking soda in the grocery store yet, or have you just heard rumors of their existence?


  2. Sarah says:

    I saw a young woman wearing rainboots in the street the other day (real rainboots, almost knee-high) and I actually asked her where she bought them. The answer? Online, from someone who imports them into Brazil. And they cost her over a hundred reais.

  3. Sarah says:

    I know, I’m kicking myself for not buying a pair for myself!

  4. retaildj says:

    – tampax tampons (as they are hard to come by in the jumbo packs and expensive ($1R each)!…or you can only find OB…sigh)
    – electronics, particularly apple products, which happen to be 7x the price in brazil
    – cough drops (as their halls are solely for good breath/candy)
    – dehydrated fruit and or nuts (so expensive in Sampa! and cranberries are…nonexistent?)
    – muffin mix (esp if you like blueberry muffins, as blueberries also seem to be nonexistent)
    – anything MEXICAN! i went through a major salsa & chips withdrawal while in Sampa and could not find jalapenos for the life of me. they sell some mexican/tex-mex products at Pao de Acucar, but they are extremely expensive

    • Yes! I definitely brought back tampons! And I brought back a hard drive that I bought at the Apple Store. Sigh. Mexican food… I would need an entire extra suitcase. Weird that no one has thought to produce mexican food products within the borders. Mexican ingredients are expensive because they import everything.

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