Beer Experience

My husband and I attended Beer Experience 2011 on Saturday at a convention center/mall in Sao Paulo. The tickets were a bit pricey, R$40 per person, but the restaurant that sold it to us said there were tastings, etc. and the cost was just to keep out the “riff raff.”

Upon entrance, we learned that the vendors were not offering tastings. Well, they were, in the form of you purchasing a bottle of their beer and tasting it. We were also made to believe that the vendors would be offering product at this event at a discount, which did not seem to be the case. Ok, so essentially we just paid (a lot) to get into a really big temporary bar. Whatever, we were going to have a good time anyway. We’d experience local Brazilian breweries and that would at least be a bit of cultural experience.

So here was the first booth:

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. The first booth was Brooklyn Brewery. Yes, that would be Brooklyn, NY, neighbor borough to Manhattan where we had moved from. We used to buy Brooklyn Brewery beer from Trader Joe’s in Union Square.

Things got a little bit more disappointing when the one beer I was excited to try, Amazonia, couldn’t produce any because they didn’t have any electricity to run their keg.

Of course, regardless, we had a good time. We tasted some good beers, met some interesting people, etc.  But I hope whoever put together Beer Experience 2011 learns something and pulls off an event that is a bit more enticing for 2012.

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