What’s In Your Purse?

Can’t sleep, so I decided to clean out my purse. I’m not very good at keeping up with this, but I did clean out my purse(s) a few weeks ago, and yet somehow, it fills up again quickly.

I’m guessing that what is inside someone’s purse/wallet might actually represent them as a person.

A little over a year ago, if you looked in my purse you would have found the following:

  • 15 – 20 receipts from Starbucks
  • 15 – 20 receipts from Whole Foods
  • a number of expended Metro tickets
  • a variety of organic kids snacks
  • a couple diapers and a container of baby wipes
  • disposable bibs
  • 3-5 pens
  • 1-2 notebooks
  • discarded entry tickets for a variety of museums
  • a library book from the children’s section
  • hand wipes

Here are the contents of my purse today:

  • invitation to a birthday party at an “infantil buffet”
  • squished brigadeiro from aforementioned birthday party
  • Portuguese dictionary
  • large box of Tylenol
  • 9 long skinny balloons, the kind you would make balloons animals with (?)
  • 1 pen
  • 1 index card with a grocery list both in English and Portuguese
  • change of socks and underwear for daughter
  • receipt from place around the corner that refills ink cartridges
  • hand wipes
  • another birthday party invitation for next week
  • my husband’s business card (in case I’m found wandering aimlessly in the streets)

Not sure what my purse says about me as a person, but it certainly outlines how my life has changed… What’s in your purse/wallet?

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13 Responses to What’s In Your Purse?

  1. wobsy says:

    Good Post: I enjoyed reading this.
    There are many repositories for the detritus of life: pockets, drawers, garden sheds, even hard drives. They all speak volumes about their owners. I have squirrel tendencies: there are cupboards at home that I dare not open!

  2. nina says:

    fun. fun. I had a similar purse in the u.s., I am officially in a stars buck recover program. I know where ALL the stars bucks are in the whole region. And whole foods, trade Joe’s i miss so much. I might just take a vacation to whole foods. I miss the makeup line, all the produce (Brazil’s first in my area doesn’t come close, how is that possible??? Because Brazil sells there best stuff to the U.S.??) beauty section in general, the deserts, and just the rest!

    It definitely says a lot of structural changes, you don’t shop at the same spots or use the same transportation. Brazil sure does have a lot of kid’s parties!

    My purse has a wallet, bills that I can’t or don’t know how to pay. Cell and lots of receipts from the grocery store (go the grocery to like everyday). And a pen. I think it means my life is boring or empty. Or maybe my purse is just boring.

    • I think that means your purse is still in the development stage. HA! I miss Trader Joe’s too. A bunch of Trader Joe’s receipts would have been in my purse too. What do you think of the Starbucks here in Brazil? I’ve only been once, and it’s not on my walking path, so I never go 😦

  3. Ana says:

    why do u carry (or used to carry) so many receipts??
    I throw it out as soon as I see a garbage can.

    • This, Ana, is a good question. I just happen to be one of those people that cannot throw out a receipt until weeks later. My husband is like you and just throws them out. My husband is also someone who deletes an email as soon as he reads it. I cannot bring myself to do these things. Some kind of hoarding gene.

  4. workmomad says:

    My purse is a little bit like my refrigerator – I usually am afraid to clean it out without some kind of HazMat preparation! I admire you for just sailing in like that and cleaning it out!


  5. Jana says:

    Oh that was a fun post, I then decided to do the same. Problem is I have two here, one for the bus and around town (in case its stolen) so it has like nothing in it… but the other is a lot more interesting and goes with me only out the dinner or if I am driving somewhere. But embaressing as it is, I miss the starbucks receipts!

  6. Brasilicana says:

    In the States I never used a purse – usually a backpack that had my workout clothes, journal, mp3 player, etc. But seeing as you seldom see professional Brazilian women walking around with backpacks, I’ve converted and bought a purse.

    Current contents:
    – Dry-erase markers in 3 different colors for teaching English class
    – Paper clips
    – Agenda
    – Ibuprofen
    – Scissors
    – Emergency tampon
    – 130-item receipt from our monthly trip to the Extra Hipermercado

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