For the Brazilian Going to the U.S. – American Football

Though there are certainly more Americans coming to Brazil with the way the world economy is, if you are a Brazilian relocating to the U.S. or if you are an American fed up with Brazil and plan on dragging your Brazilian spouse to the U.S., you will need the following information.

Fellow blogger Nancy has launched a website (The Football Novice) to help educate on American Football. Football happens to be the premiere sport in the U.S. From Monday night football, to fantasy football leagues (I hope she covers this because I never understood it), to Super Bowl Sunday, football is a big part of the American culture, and if you will be in the U.S., you may want to understand it.

Being from Chicago, the Chicago Bears were a big part of everyone’s lives. I remember one particular Sunday afternoon, deep in the winter with below zero temperatures, I found myself at Soldier’s field for a Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers game. Large, beer-bellied, shirtless men who had painted themselves blue and orange spent most of the game exchanging words with large, beer-bellied, shirtless men who had painted themselves green and yellow. The blue and orange men (Bears fans) would yell “Cheeseheads!” (a reference to Wisconsin cheese and dairy farms) at the green and yellow men (Packer fans) repeatedly as if this were some terrible insult. Incidentally, the Packers fans were wearing large foam cheeses on their heads.

And let me tell you, these half naked, half frozen “man’s man” men, who probably wouldn’t share a bus seat with anyone who appeared remotely homosexual, came dangerously close to making out with each other every time their team scored a touchdown.

This is the level of commitment you will see regarding American Football. So to keep up, visit The Football Novice site.

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2 Responses to For the Brazilian Going to the U.S. – American Football

  1. nina says:

    Funny, I was born in Green Bay. I really don’t professional sports, but I have agree there was little you could do in escaping it all. The group activity is fun, which actually why some people love church so much. Hahhaha. It’s the belonging, coming together and all the chemistry from the people being together.

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