I’m Sorry Jesus Isn’t My Savior

Not that he couldn’t be my savior. I’m happy to interview him for the position if he happens to make an appearance.

I knew when I selected the title for my blog it might mislead. But I thought that anyone who would actually read the blog would realize that my reference to “born again” was founded in culture and not religion. (I recently added the tagline “Not religion, just Brazilian” to further clarify.) However, I’d still like to apologize to all those that had hoped I might be a fellow online devotee.

It’s not that I don’t believe it’s possible that Jesus is King of the World and he’s coming back to save the good and that he was born of a virgin. But I also believe in the possibilities put forth by the science of evolution. I believe it’s possible that thousands of years ago aliens came to the earth and bred with indigenous homo sapiens to create a super-species that would eventually develop the technologies so that the aforementioned aliens could come back and live in comfort. I believe in giving all theories equal consideration. I believe it is possible that a few thousand years in the future people might dig up copies of J.K. Rowlings books and convince themselves, and most everyone else, that we worshipped a guy named Harry Potter.

If you are interested, here is what I do believe in:

I believe in being as good of a person as you can possibly be. I believe if you are a good person you will win in the end. If you happen to be a good person reading this and feel like you are not winning, then the game is just not over. And yes, there are good people that die in cruel and violent ways, but I believe that the goodness they put forth claims victories for them even after they are gone.

I believe in evil. I don’t know if its origins are mystic or scientific, like a run of mutated genes, but I know it exists. I’ve seen it first hand. I think that is one thing that most everyone agrees on.

I believe in the power of prayer. Not because I think there is some guy on a cloud taking our calls, but because I believe that our brain has much more power than we give it credit for. I believe in the power of group prayer because I believe in the power of the collective mind. When my husband was in the hospital, and some of the world’s best doctors had cemented his fate to live in a “home” for an indefinite amount of time so he could be rehabilitated due to brain damage from dropping dead of a heart attack, not only friends but mere acquaintances from my work organized prayer groups around the country. And within a week, that man walked out of the hospital on his own accord, if not 100% then at least 95% recovered. (Please don’t assume that everyone at a Wall Street firm is evil, because it’s just not true.)

I believe you should never give up hope.

If you are still reading, and still interested, here is what I hope:

I hope that it doesn’t all end when our bodies die. I hope that we come back and get to be with the ones we truly love time and time again in another life or another dimension, because I do believe in love.

I hope that the world doesn’t really end in 2012 because I haven’t quite accomplished everything I’ve set out to do. I hope that the aliens of the previously mentioned alien theory don’t come back to settle next year either.

I hope that at some point our society evolves into one in which people are not persecuted for their religious beliefs. I hope that people stop using faith to make themselves feel more important than others. Because if there is a God, a God that is supposed to be good, I’m certain that is not what she/he/it had intended.

I hope that spell check hasn’t completely destroyed my ability to spell, because I’ve had to use it about eight times while writing this. I hope my blog offends no one because that was never the intention.

(Full disclosure – despite all my radical thinking, my uncle was a Catholic priest, so if the Catholics are right, I assume I’ve got an “in.” If God is Brazilian, I do for sure.)

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9 Responses to I’m Sorry Jesus Isn’t My Savior

  1. Ray says:

    Dear B.A.B,

    I absolutely LOVE this post!!! 🙂
    We happen to think very much alike in everything you described, trust me, you are not alone 😉

    PS: I have no doubt you must already have an “in” guaranteed.


  2. Thank you! It’s good to know I’m not alone.
    It was inspired by all the Born Again Christians who have reached out to me, God love ’em, I hate to disappoint but I had to come clean… 🙂

  3. workmomad says:


    Fact 1) I am a born again Christian and both proud and humbled to be one and willing to share about it with anyone who wants to hear. If you are asking a question in your post, I would be happy to discuss the issues involved in a more appropriate, private forum. If you are stating your position, it is certainly your right to do so.

    Fact 2) I read your blog because I find it interesting regardless of your religious beliefs.

    Request 1) I would like to continue reading your blog regardless of my religious beliefs and hearing from you occasionally about mine regardless of my religious beliefs.


    Have a great day!


    • Deal! I had no idea that you were a born again Christian or not one, I just read YOUR blog because I like your posts and your writing and your stories.
      See how easy this is! I wish the rest of the world worked this way.
      Thanks Nancy.

  4. workmomad says:

    It’s a pleasure doing business with you! 🙂


  5. Peg says:

    I’m on the same page as you (with lots of Tao/Buddhist philosophies thrown in). With many of my family, friends, neighbors and social connections who are firm Christians it’s sometimes hard to just say it out loud. I am not a Christian. While I hold no judgement for anyone because of their beliefs, I know some of them don’t feel the same way about mine so it just doesn’t feel safe.

    I do, however, think Jesus had some really great stuff to say. So did Siddhartha. So did my dying Christian friend. So did Mr. Rogers. We can learn from all of it. That’s the best part, there is so much to learn and figure out!

    Anyway, great post. Thanks for writing it.

    • I know, it’s difficult. You have to give credit to those people who believe strongly in something and have faith, but of the same group, those who are intolerant of other possibilities take a few large steps backwards. And it’s a tricky business when you have relationships with people that fall into the second group.
      I agree about Jesus. If what we’ve been told is true, he is one of those good guys that died in a cruel way, but whose goodness lived on… only I wonder what Jesus would think about some (some) of his followers today. I love that Taoism is based on peace and a connection with nature (and science) and Buddha’s philosophies on karma and rebirth. I think it’s all about what brings you peace.
      Thanks for your comments!

  6. Tom says:

    God sent you a love letter, personally, and it’s the Bible! It’s old fashioned for modern folks, but timeless in real life application.

    Everything you need to know about God is there. You don’t have to say, “I think God (…is like this…)” because he has told you exactly what he is like. You risk your eternity and where you will spend it by deciding how God is, when he has already made it known clearly.

    P.S. Being “born again” is in John chapter 3 where Jesus spoke to Nicodemus. He told Nicodemus he would not win in the end by being good, that he needed to be born again. That is God’s message to each of us. Question: If we could get to heaven by being good, why did Jesus have to die such a cruel death? The answer is we can’t and therefore he had to, and it was all for me and all for you.

    • Hey Tom. Thanks for your comment. I certainly appreciate all views on the topic, even if I may not agree. I’m surprised I have this question after 8 years of Catholic school, but who the heck is Nicodemus?

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