Kissing Cousins, Please Advise

So, I’ve managed to catch a cold. Weird right? Something that could possibly be related to the fact that I’m COLD all the time.

Thus far, I’ve been inside with my daughter because she also had a cold. But today, I will be forced to crawl out from under my rock and into the sunlight. Here is my dilemma – in the U.S., you could politely decline a handshake or a quick hug with a back step or the holding up of your hand and the explanation that you are sick. People got it. They instantly launched themselves in the other direction and all were content and fulfilled by the idea that we had made a contribution to ending the cycle of sickness and germ infestations.

But how does it work here? It’s not just a handshake I need to avoid, but face touching and body grasping. Most of the time they’re on me before I even spot them. Shall I wear a big red “C?” Or perhaps one of those hospital face masks that everyone was sporting during the bird flu scare? Or do I just accept the cycle and the idea that someone who grabbed me with an “ola” probably gave me and/or my daughter this cold in the first place?

Any advice would be welcome.

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3 Responses to Kissing Cousins, Please Advise

  1. Rachel says:

    Put you hand up and tell them that you have a cold and don’t want to get them sick. If they insist, cheek kiss at their own risk 😉

  2. Ray says:

    I am with Rachel, it will be totally ok to do that and most people will actually appreciate your gesture.
    If someone insists, it’s at their own risk.


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