Update: The Playdate

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I’m headed over the wall.

We had back-to-back days of play dates this week. The first was an American style play date. It involved me and two other mothers. One American woman who had spent the previous five years in Mexico City and one Argentine host mother who has spent the previous three years in Charlotte, North Carolina (this makes her practically American, you get double points for living in the south). Us mothers sat around drinking coffee while the kids played mostly with the used toys that the host mother picked up at a consignment shop. We ate homemade cookies and gold fish crackers. It was comfortable and low key. A great time was had by all.

The next day was a Brazilian play date. It was held in the salon de festa (party room) of the host mother’s building. She rented a trampoline and a ball pool. She hired people to paint faces and make balloon animals. There must have been about 20 kids. I believe she did the food herself (well, her maid probably made the food) unlike the previously mocked Brazilian play date, which was fully catered.

And you know what? We had a great time. Sure, the nanny crowd was in attendance, but there were also more mothers at this play date, which made it a bit more… familiar?

I still lean more toward the American version, but I now am beginning to see the value of the Brazilian style. Call me crazy, but I’m actually thinking about putting on a Brazilian play date. It’s not so expensive to rent a jumpy castle. It’s not so expensive to hire a couple people to paint faces and make balloon animals. It’s not such a bad idea to get all the kids and mothers you know together. Everyone makes new friends. Everyone has a good time.

That’s right folks, it’s happening. I’m finally becoming Brazilian.


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5 Responses to Update: The Playdate

  1. Ian says:

    Oh nooooo!
    I want the US version of Megan back.

  2. Ray says:

    Yes, B.A.B., that is how you train your kids the super socializing skills they will use for life in Brazil 😉

  3. Ray says:

    This is exactly how it works! 🙂

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