Bling Nation, The Brazilian Perspective

In response to Brazilian Bling by Marisa Clermann, Jewelry Designer

It’s true. Brazilian women are very fashion and trend conscious. They like everything big – big earrings, big rings, big handbags. The bigger the better.  Brazilian demand for jewelry is high, especially for diamonds. When I go around the world to buy inventory, I’ve noticed the best customers are the Brazilians and the Russians.

Brazilian women are very interested in keeping up with the trends in fashion. Appearance is extremely important and they like to present the whole package – clothes, shoes, bags and jewels. And despite the fact that the price of diamonds has increased 40% since January, due to current demand exceeding supply, it is still less expensive in Brazil to keep up with trends in jewelry than it is to keep up with the trends in high fashion. Now that more women have careers and are making their own money, the demand for jewelry is even greater. Eighty-five to ninety percent of my clients are women buying jewelry for themselves.

Currently, women are buying jewelry they can wear both to work and out at night, like large stud earrings rather than the chandelier style. Trends also include pink gold.

Regarding wearing your jewels on the street, the robbers are after your Rolex, not your earrings. There’s a strong black market for stolen Rolex watches, but it’s not easy for a thief to offload a bracelet in Brazil. So go ahead and buy the bling!

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