Fairy Tales Do Come True: Osama bin Laden Dead

Health care, national budget, oil spill… whatever woes President Obama has inherited or encountered during his term thus far might just be thrown into a long, cold shadow after this morning’s news. America got the Boogeyman.

Under Obama’s watch, Bin Laden was finally hunted down and killed. The reason, or excuse, George W. Bush originally gave America for going to war (the biggest, bloodiest costliest “bait and switch”the word has seen) is gone.  The monster that every American feared in the night as they put their children to bed, wondering what the world as they know it might look like in the morning, has been destroyed. A hero came through.

The days following September 11, 2001 brought a nation together with a common enemy. Across the country, people mourned those they never knew. Many, many in New York City and the surrounding area mourned those they did know. But everyone in the country had a common purpose, a common wish. That wish has come true.

What will this new news do to the American people? Last night New York rejoiced in the streets around the site that reminds us all of that fateful day. This morning, the celebration will grow to a worldwide reach. Osama bid Laden was not just an enemy of the United States, but an enemy of  a good slice of the world.
What will this do for President Obama? How could anyone argue that a man who directed the elimination of our common enemy not deserve another term, a chance at more time.

If Obama can lead a nation to get the Boogeyman, can’t he do anything?

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