Small World

small worldI was born in Chicago, IL. When I was a kid, my father moved us to Small Town, IL. Today, Small Town is a roaring, characterless suburb of Chicago. But back then, it wasn’t even consider a suburb. One movie theater, two grocery stores, couple gas stations, a lot of cornfields – you get the picture.

As soon as I could, I escaped Small Town.

Since then, I’ve lived in seven cities, both inside the U. S. and out. I’ve never, ever come across anyone who had ever heard of Small Town, IL.

Here in Sao Paulo, I know two women from Small Town, IL (one who is also a Brazil blogger that you probably know and love) and one woman from Town Next Door, IL. All around the same age I am.

What on earth is the universe trying to tell me? Other than it is a small world? And you can never escape your past…

To read about our first meeting,  go to

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2 Responses to Small World

  1. Stephanie says:

    That’s awesome! Funny enough, I had the same experience here in Ipatinga. A girl moved here, my same age, and she went to college in the same place I grew up…lived 2 minutes from my Mom. But I’m so glad she’s here. She gets me and my southern VA ways 🙂 that and she shares my passion for chick fil a milkshakes!

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