Another Snow White Story

Another Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sighting (see Snow White and the Condominium), this time in the garden of a restaurant in Itatiaia, some 133 km from the original sightings. Evidence of alien presence in Brazil? (see U.F.Oh-no!) Could they be trying to tell us something? Or are they just messing with our heads? You decide.

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3 Responses to Another Snow White Story

  1. Ray Adkins says:

    Ha! This is freaking hillarious!
    I never noticed before but I will be looking for it when I get back to Brazil.
    Massachusetts and Rhode Island have an abundance of “Virgin Mary” statues in front lawns… really interesting! Perhaps due to the heavy Portuguese immigration around here, it reminds me of Jim’s descriptions of Niteroi’s grocery stores that have images of the Virgin Mary in them… 🙂
    This is too funny!

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