Housewife? Não obrigada.

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If you follow the Real Housewives of Orange County (stop judging me, I can feel you judging me) then you might know about the (internet) controversy that exists regarding personal trainer, Brazilian and lesbian Fernanda Rocha. In the original promotions of the 6th season, Fernanda was marketed as one of the housewives. But when the season finally appeared, she was “cast off” as one of the friends of Tamra Barney.

This is the current promo photo.

Some have speculated that it is because she is not blonde. But I have another theory. She used jeito to get out of her contract.

Jeito, or jeitinho, is a Brazilian term and was first introduced to me by fellow blogger Shelley of Give Us This Day Our Daily Mango, and then further explained by my husband. It describes the ability or the action of getting out of something that you don’t want to do. Like paying a fee on a bill. Or getting a speeding ticket. Or being part of a reality show that will only make you look as stupid as your bleached blonde, big boobed, brainless co-stars.

Not the smartest bunch of fruits.

First, the idea that a Brazilian woman might be a housewife is ridiculous (not as if the others are housewives either). Second, Brazilian women may be a lot of things, but they are no fools. I think that Fernanda got through shooting the first episode and decided that she could achieve her goals (promoting her business and her cause) more effectively by being in the background as a “friend,” than being closely associated with these idiot women.

I don’t know what her jeito involved. Maybe she’s got an uncle with a lot of connections (most Brazilians do), maybe she lawyered up, or maybe she threatened to flee to the sanctity of Brazil and unleash all the RHOC secrets on the internet.

Whatever it was, my guess is that SHE was the one who got herself off the train wreck, not the other way around. Good work Fernanda for maintaining your integrity (not like that other RHOM one). Your (pseudo) Brazilian sister thanks you.

For more thoughts on the Housewives: Real Housewives of Sao Paulo, Household Deception

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2 Responses to Housewife? Não obrigada.

  1. Shelley says:

    Wow, thanks for linking to me–I’m honored 🙂 And inspired to write a new post.

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