Double Indulgence

Walking home this afternoon, I realized that six doors down from my building is a place that sells shoes and chocolate. Shoes and chocolate. So of course, I went in.

Was this some kind of genius innovation in consumer marketing? Did this company figure out that their ideal target was a group of shoppers that could resist neither shoes, nor chocolate, increasing their sales exponentially?

Turns out, though in the same space, it is two different companies. But still, there must have been some strategic discussion around why these businesses might share a storefront, placing their products side by side… right? Right?

At least it makes more sense than shoes and Post It Notes (see Update: Promotions).

(Sorry the photos on this post are particularly bad, but I had to take the pictures on the sly with my iPhone trying to pretend like I was just looking at emails. Brazilians have this bizarre paranoia around people taking photos of their goods in fear that one might take the photos to their factory in Peru and have everything copied and then sell at a lower price. Oh wait, that’s exactly what they do…)

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3 Responses to Double Indulgence

  1. Rachel says:

    And now they need to add wine and we have no reason to ever leave 😉

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