Is Blogging the New Therapy?

I’ll admit it. I’ve sat on the couch a few times. But the relationships never lasted longer than two or three sessions because, well, they who sat across from me always just… pissed me off.  I saw no sign of hope in their emotionless scribbling as I recanted my issues. Nor did I find solace in their solutions. (Breathe? Hmmm. Give birth? Seriously.)

On one occasion, the therapist pounded into me the tragic results of me ever, ever wasting her time by being late for our appointments. No joke, the very next appointment, one I used my lunch hour for (and a lunch hour was rare in itself), she was not in her office. I waited for about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes I did not have to spare. Turned out she FORGOT our appointment.

Another therapist instructed me that it was imperative to keep the same time every week. The very next week, he needed to reschedule.  When I wanted to reschedule a couple weeks later to help a friend, he berated me.

Needless to say, both of these “professionals” got the sharp end of my anger issues.

One consistent piece of advice across the lot was this – keep a journal. So I am. Online.

I see blogging as much more effective than an hour with a stranger who doesn’t really want to be there. You talk. People listen. People who, in my opinion, aren’t any less qualified, probably more qualified, than the jokers who set up office. People who can commiserate. People who might have a lot more in common with you and some experience in the subject of your complains to boot. They may comment with helpful advice or opinions or ideas (of which you can accept or delete with the click of a button). You return the favor. Everyone feels better.

Sure, I might have gotten a bad run of luck with my various attempts at therapy. I’m certain there are a few good ones out there that didn’t fall within my insurance plan. But eventually one gives up and looks for other means.

Had it not been for my blog, I would have been far less motivated to find humor in my new surroundings and its corresponding challenges. And I’ve found, at least for me, it’s often better to laugh than scream. (Although an occasional scream also has its benefits.) alone boasts more than 410 thousand bloggers and though Google seems to be keeping quiet on the number of blogs on Blogspot, there have got to be no less than a million personal blogs out there. That’s a heck of a lot of people who have chosen to express themselves, who need to talk, who are looking for some feedback on their lives. Sounds like therapy to me. And sounds like it’s catching on…

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4 Responses to Is Blogging the New Therapy?

  1. Rachel says:

    I would totally have to agree with you about blogging as a form of therapy. It’s a way to vent, share, and meet others with similar interests. Hell, you meet others with completely different interests that are interesting to you.

    I found that my blog opened me to an entire world! Within that one I found many people with whom I could relate and share.

    It’s pretty damn good stuff!

  2. MamaTrack says:

    Yes, it’s totally therapy! It helps me laugh and have perspective.

    You have a beautiful blog. Looking forward to learning more!

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