Household Deception

All right, all right. I’ll admit it. I watched the first two episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami (but that’s it, no more).

Bravo Television should be glad that I did. Because I have uncovered the first fraudulent scandal of the season. Adriana De Moura, alleged Brazilian, is in fact, not a Brazilian woman. How do I know?

Ok, here’s how it went down. In episode 2, a drama ensued over Adriana’s son sitting alone in the parking lot at school because she forgot he was getting out an hour early. She wanted her boyfriend to pick him up, but he was working, blah, blah, blah. Then, she got a bit hassled by a few of the ladies at the lunch that she couldn’t possibly leave.

Anyway, later, another housewife, Alexia Echevarria, complains about how the other women are so judgmental, but they all have a bunch of nannies.  And here is Adriana’s response (I quote):

“I’m not having the three nannies run after my son because that is something I like to do.”

“It’s my only son. He’s like my diamond. I want to make sure he’s lapidated (this part didn’t make sense) to perfection.”

“Putting a nanny with your kid does not make that kid feel secure and loved.”

I’m not saying that Brazilian women don’t love their kids. They do. But it is anti-Brazilian to place full responsibility on yourself, especially if you work, especially if you have the money. This is one of the distinguishing features of a Brazilian woman. They are master delegators.

So either Adriana “the Brazilian” has never been to Brazil and/or met a Brazilian woman, or there is something going on. And since her arsenal of sad stories has yet to include growing up in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, where she might have missed this type of upbringing, I’m not buying that she’s a Brazilian (especially considering the Columbian accent).

Considering the RHOM is rather dull, producers could potentially use this deception to lure viewers into another season.   Bravo Television, you are welcome for yet another great idea… (see Real Housewives of Sao Paulo).

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2 Responses to Household Deception

  1. else barrer says:

    I understand your suspicions. But to be honest, after living in Brazil and amongst Brazilians for quite sometime, what I have learned is that as a last resort you can always play the family card. Initially, I really resented it, until I found out that it could unlock the door to unlimitless many escape whatTFever and whoTFever opportunities.

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