To DRIVE, The Brazilian Perspective

In response to To Drive or NOT to Drive

Instinct is a good way to describe what is required to drive in Brazil. But that instinct actually rests on a strong foundation. From an outsider’s perspective, it may look to be a mess and without rules. Rules do exists, admittedly some unwritten, but unlike other countries, everyone here interprets the rules in a similar manner.

For instance, in Brazil faster drivers are instructed to pass on left while slower drivers remain on the right. In the U. S. those instructions are the same, but most often you’ll find some slow guy in the fast lane clogging up traffic. Here that is a rare case, because your partners on the road won’t stand for it. Everyone is forced to share the same level of skill and acquire a similar amount of awareness.

Yes, there is chaos. The people of our country have been so wrought by chaos over the past decades, it’s a given that it would seep onto the roads. But because, as a driver, you know that anything can happen at any time, you are forced to have a heightened sense of your surroundings. I would argue that this creates better drivers. Remember, Brazilians dominate Formula One and Indy Car races.

Drivers in the Western world need to loosen up and have a little fun. Having lived in the U.S. for ten years, I was often a frustrated driver because I knew I could get from A to B in a better way if it weren’t for all those enforced restrictions, and the other drivers adhering to it. America is supposed to be the land of the free! Yet most drivers are so concerned about stoplights and turn lanes, it takes the sport out of it!

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