U. F. Oh-no!

UFO sightings Rio DeJaneiro, Brazil, photo by OLD SKOOL, from http://www.ufosightingspictures.net/

I happen to come across the following blog: http://www.sawse.com/2008/02/05/brazil-for-the-brazil-nuts/

This particular entry mentions a fact about Brazil that I definitely did not know. Brazil is the undisputed leader in UFO sightings.


I have very few deep-rooted fears. However, one is being abducted by aliens. I definitely would have put this on my list of considerations before deciding to move to Brazil, had I known.

I asked my husband about this claim, and he admitted that there are a very large number of UFO sightings in Brazil. He was quite casual about this, as if I had asked him about the existence of spider monkeys, not Unidentified Flying Objects often associated with abduction and subsequent horrible, physical experiments on humans.

I decided to research this further. I first came across an article on AOL News titled Brazil and UFOs: Making Sure the Truth Is Out There that discusses the fact that the Brazilian government has begun to officially document any reported sightings. The article went on to report that “government officials have been quoted as saying the phenomena are quite common and ought to be investigated outright.”


Ok, well Brazil does have quite a bit of landmass, much of it relatively unpopulated. So I proceeded with creating a heat map of locations we would NOT be vacationing to in this country. But guess what.  Many of the sightings took place in SAO PAULO! Ok, not in the city of Sao Paulo, but the state. That’s close enough to keep me up at night. AND on May 19, 1986, a night when there were more than 20 reported UFO sightings, the Sao Paulo airports, about 50 miles or less from our apartment, tracked unidentified radar returns. Even the then president of Petrobras found himself chasing down something unidentifiable in a plane that evening.

Even scarier is that there was supposedly a UFO ATTACK on the residents of the Brazilian island of Colares in 1977. AN ATTACK. This resulted in the government dispatching a team to investigate (code name: Operação Prato or Operation Saucer).  Sure, Colares is 1800 miles from Sao Paulo, but 1800 miles due north of Sao Paulo. And from the sky, distances seem quite a bit less when you are aiming a large, deadly laser beam.

Ok, so though I’m now living in a city as densely populated as the one I left, possibly more, the way I see it, I’ve still upped my probabilities of being abducted.

I’m renting Fire in the Sky and The Fourth Session tonight to see if I can learn some survival techniques. And brush up on my X-Files.  Just in case.

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