Snow White and the Condominium

Most of our two-week holiday vacation was spent in Angra dos Reis at the house of my husband’s uncle, which is located in a condominium. The term “condominium” does not mean the same thing in Brazil as it does in the U.S. Condominium brings to my mind either a long row of connected, narrow, two-story homes or an apartment building in NYC . In Brazil, a condominium refers to a gated community, usually in some glorious part of the country.

This condominium was great, full of lush hills and had a wonderful private beach. However, one thing struck me as a bit odd. There was a surprisingly great number of homes with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves lawn ornaments. I counted eleven, and I hadn’t even walked the extent of the condominium. Each also appeared to be unique in artistry and design.

I considered the possibilities of this phenomenon. Perhaps a favorite local ceramics artist specialized in these fable characters – and conducted a huge fire sale when he or she went out of business? Maybe this particular spot in the world has some affiliation with the story, a long-time resident related to the Brothers Grimm (it could happen)?

Next time I see my uncle-in-law, I hope I think to ask him. But between my partial Portuguese and his partial English, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the depth of my questioning across…

Somebody obviously trying to show up the neighbors with the larger-sized set.

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