Sam’s Club Sao Paulo

Wouldn’t you know it, Sao Paulo has a Sam’s Club, and not just one.

During the time I spent at my parents’ house, prior to our final move, I spent a good amount of time in the Sam’s Club of their Chicago suburb looking for deals on things I wouldn’t be able to find in Brazil. So I know the drill.

Products stacked in the same manner as in the US of A.

Surprisingly, the Sao Paulo Sam’s Club looks almost identical. Good old Walmart Corporation, much like their international corp buddy McDonald, has managed to make the customer experience consistent across the globe. Well, almost consistent.

One random sign in English.

Creepy dolls rejected by American consumers and brought to market in Brazil by Sam's Club. This is Baby Sweet Touch, and she has one mechanical hand that will squeeze your finger, and a tongue that moves in and out (for no apparent reason).

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