Holiday Adornments

Holiday Decorations on Avenue Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil would most definitely win first place in the “Global Award for Christmas Decoration Participation,” if indeed, there was such an honor.

Nativity Scene in Sao Paulo mall

You can’t swing a bat without swatting the nose of a reindeer or the behind of a Santa in this city. Not only are contributions to the holiday spirit high, but incredibly elaborate and detailed.

Life sized version of Santa's reindeer and sleigh

And it seems that most everyone feels the need to participate.

Just because we're a gas station doesn't mean we can't celebrate.

Although it does seems strange viewing these beautiful displays when the temperature is 90˚ (Fahrenheit) and humidity is somewhere around 100% (it feels).

Christmas lights in Parque Tenente Siqueria Campos

Brazilians also have unique ideas about what Santa and his elves do on their days off.

Mostly gardening.

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