Update: Communication Discord

Yesterday, I went to get a much needed facial (between the change in climate, and the pollution, I was in bad shape). As is customary, once I was set up, the facialist turned on some “relaxing” music. Only… it was Christmas music.

Had it been December, or even late November, I might have thought they were simply trying to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. But it’s September. I guessing not even Walmart has their Christmas soundtrack playing.

Some of the music was familiar, religious-type Christmas music, like Silent Night and O Come, O Come Emanuel, but others were songs I’d never heard before. Yet, the lyrics were in English, so terms like “Christmas Day,” and “mistletoe,” and “birth of the King” and “snow, snow, snow” clued me into the genre. Sure, the melodies were somewhat mellow, and I guess if you didn’t understand the words, it might seem like spa music. But for me, it was distracting instead of relaxing, as I tried to figure out if every song was a Christmas song (seemed to be) and wondered if I should tell them that what was droning out over the sound systems (I didn’t). No harm done, I suppose…

Click here to read my original post, Communication Discord, or go to http://www.bornagainbrazilian.com.

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