The Road Continues…

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As promised, the following are additional observations from week two.

1. I’m definitely not driving in Sao Paulo. If traffic and crazy driving wasn’t reason enough, I’m not going to understand the road signs. (What the….?)

2. If I’m not careful, the benefits from the abundance of fruits will be canceled out by the abundance of delicious breads.

3. Most people are extremely nice, particularly service industry people such as taxi drivers, restaurant servers and housekeepers. Yet unlike in the U.S, they’re not working for tips, so they are actually just being nice. As an American, it almost makes me feel uncomfortable.

4. Hot dogs appear in unexpected places. Like on the breakfast buffet and on pizzas.

5. In many cases, and unfortunately in the case of my new apartment, showers are electric. Because the water is heated electrically, you are forced to shower with an electrical appliance. This concept contradicts everything I was taught as a kid in regards to safety. It’s right up there with running with scissors and sticking a fork in an outlet. I don’t know what to tell my child.

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